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Why Your Sandals Need Proper Arch Support, According To Podiatrists (+ 8 Pairs To Shop)

Don't buy sandals without this key feature.

#flexibility #Bodyweight Workout

Turn Your Home Into A Functional Gym With These Pieces Of Workout Gear

No gym? No problem.

#pilates #yoga #flexibility #hiit
Kristine Thomason
February 15

Stiff Back? This Could Be Just What Your Aching Back Is Craving

Flipping upside down has its benefits.

#flexibility #pain
Cathy Nelson
October 17 2022

8 Juicy Hip Stretches To Help Relieve All That Nasty Tension You've Been Storing

Calling all desk-sitters.

#mbg moves #Home Workout #flexibility
Kristine Thomason
September 12 2022

I'm An Award-Winning PhD — Here's Why You Shouldn't Diet On The Weekends

You might be surprised to hear about these research findings.

#mbgpodcast #flexibility #metabolism
Hannah Frye
September 3 2022

Why You Should Be Stretching Daily To Improve Your Long-Term Health

Plus, what happens when you don't.

#Bodyweight Workout #flexibility
Merrell Readman
July 23 2022

This Yoga Pose Will Help Challenge Your Balance & Engage Your Core

For our more advanced yogis.

#yoga #Home Workout #flexibility
Merrell Readman
July 19 2022

8 Neck Stretches To Release All That Sticky Tension, Trainer Approved

Stress and tech neck don't stand a chance.

#yoga #mbg moves #Home Workout #flexibility #mbgsupplements
Merrell Readman
June 20 2022

Here's Why Taking Care Of Your Feet Means Taking Care Of Your Health

If your feet are telling you something, listen.

#partner #flexibility #longevity
Gabrielle Marchese
June 15 2022

This Soothing Stretch Releases Tension From Deep Within Your Hips

Perfect for a midday stretch.

#yoga #flexibility
Merrell Readman
June 8 2022

5 Yoga Poses That Feel Soothing To The Mind & Body (Prenatal Friendly)

Simple stretches for every expectant mama.

#yoga #pregnancy #flexibility
Juanina Kocher
May 23 2022

Want To Improve Your Posture? Hint: It Starts With Your Feet

Because your posture starts from the ground up!

#partner #flexibility #Strength Training
Gabrielle Marchese
May 13 2022

10 Juicy Stretches To Try For A Limber Body, From Personal Trainers

You'll be one step closer to touching your toes.

#flexibility #mbgsupplements
Merrell Readman
May 9 2022

2 Mistakes This Pelvic Floor Specialist Wants You To Stop Making ASAP

Apparently, it's pretty common.

#mbgpodcast #flexibility #mbgsupplements
Olivia Giacomo
March 7 2022

The One Mistake Most People Make Before Skiing + A Simple Way To Fix It

It only takes a couple of minutes.

#Home Workout #flexibility
Emily Pennington
February 28 2022

11 Seated Yoga Poses That Are Simple & *Seriously* Effective

Seated yoga postures are excellent for yogis of all skill levels.

#yoga #flexibility
Sarah Regan
October 16 2021

This Ridiculously Satisfying Stretch Warms Up Your Spine & Relieves Back Pain

You may have done this pose before, but are you doing it properly?

#yoga #flexibility
Sarah Regan
September 10 2021

Have Bad Posture? This Juicy Version Of Child's Pose Will Help

It does wonders for your posture.

#yoga #flexibility #chakras
Sarah Regan
September 2 2021

The Yoga Pose Most People Do Incorrectly & How To Nail It Every Time

Upward-facing dog is an integral pose in many yoga classes.

#yoga #flexibility
Sarah Regan
May 29 2021