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Here's Why Taking Care Of Your Feet Means Taking Care Of Your Health

June 15, 2022
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June 15, 2022

For many of us, taking good care of our body is top of the to-do list, but what about taking proper care of our feet? When it comes to our health and well-being, our feet tend to be the last things on our mind—but they're the first thing we should thank for the many places life takes us! If your feet are experiencing chronic aches and pain, they may be trying to tell you something…

Much like a tree can't function without healthy and vibrant roots, we rely on the health of our feet to support our body. And taking better care of our feet starts with better footwear, like Chaco Footwear's podiatrist-recommended Chillos and Z Sandals. Another simple tip: When your feet start talking…listen! According to experts1, the health of our feet is intrinsically linked to the overall health of our body, and persistent foot problems are proven2 to negatively affect quality of life. So we've made it easier to do just that by listing out the warning signs that your feet are in need of some TLC!

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What your foot woes are trying to tell you.

While foot pain and discomfort may be common, it's important that we don't normalize persistent foot woes. Conditions like blisters, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints can cause chronic discomfort and misalignment, which can affect the rest of our bodies by limiting mobility, causing chronic pain, and inhibiting circulation3. When we prioritize the health of our feet and choose proper footwear like Chaco Footwear's comfortable and corrective sandals, we lay the foundation for well-being. No one likes stiff joints and tight calves, so here's what to watch out for to avoid further complications down the road: 

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1. Blisters

We all know the feeling of regret after choosing your favorite sandals for a daylong walking tour. The blister-induced limp is all too real—and typically caused by footwear that doesn't fit properly or isn't supportive when it comes to walking. If you find your feet constantly blistering, you risk infection and walking with improper posture, which can cause pain in the legs and lower back over time.

Next time you know you'll be on your feet all day, choose an option that's both stylish and won't rub your heels raw. Chaco Chillos slide right on for a chic minimal look so you can take on the day looking and feeling your best. Plus, their corrective LUVSEAT™ footbeds support your arches and promote healthy foot alignment to keep the blisters at bay.

2. Plantar fasciitis

Attention, runners, this one's for you. Plantar fasciitis is a common source of foot pain that occurs when the strong band of tissue that supports the arch of your foot becomes irritated and inflamed, resulting in heel pain and decreased mobility. Plantar fasciitis often results from tight calves and overexercising, so if a morning run is your favorite ritual, it's important that you're vigilant about your pre- and post-workout stretching. The condition can make walking with proper alignment difficult, which may worsen the pain and result in stiffness up your legs and all the way to your neck. 

3. Shin splints

Chances are if you've played sports or are a fan of long runs and high-impact activity, you've experienced shin splints. Shin splints happen when muscles, tendons, and bones become overworked in the lower legs. They can cause serious pain along the shin bones and make it difficult to be fully mobile. If shin splints go untreated, they can lead to swelling in the leg and even potential stress fractures. 

4. General aches

If you find yourself needing to kick up your feet with a cold compress at the end of every day, it may be time to rethink your foot-care regimen. Most of the time, mild foot aches are a result of overuse or acute injury, and can be remedied by implementing corrective footwear, gentle stretching, and some extra rest and relaxation. However, persistent aches can sometimes be a result of something more serious. It's important to monitor your pain so you can ensure it doesn't escalate and affect the rest of your well-being. 

5. Bunions

Bunions are bony bumps that form at the base of your big toe—and they can be just as painful and inconvenient as they sound. They're caused by some of the bones in the front part of your foot moving out of place, which is most often a result of tight and narrow shoes. Bunions can cause redness, swelling, pain while walking, and limited foot mobility. To prevent bunions from forming, let your feet have space to breathe with footwear that supports proper alignment and comfort. 

Show your feet some TLC!

The good news is, we can prevent these common foot woes with just a little extra care for our two feet—starting with the shoes we choose. We wear shoes every single day—so optimizing their fit and comfort is a simple gesture that goes the distance for our feet (literally), and Chacos Chillos check all of the boxes. Or, if you're heading out on an adventure…opt for the support of their Z Sandals. This classic Chaco style features the most support, plus their ChacoGrip rubber soles let you comfortably venture off the beaten path. Pair your shoes with regular exercises that stretch and strengthen your feet, and your feet will be happier than ever. 

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