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What Is Hatha Yoga? Definition, Benefits & What To Expect In A Class

Plus, some first-timer tips for this popular style of yoga.

Jenny McCoy
May 25 2020

Looking For A Fitness Challenge? Try This Fast-Paced Yoga Style

The benefits and poses you can expect in this fast-paced practice.

Jenny McCoy
May 21 2020

The Uplifted Shift: Yogic Ways To Boost Your Mood At Home

Read on for five things that make a daily practice even more uplifting.

Meg Phillips
May 5 2020

You're Probably Doing Front Lunges Wrong — Here's How To Get It Right

If you aren't seeing any sort of results, there may be a good reason why.

Katie Austin
March 25 2020

Alleviate Lower-Back Pain & Calm Your Nervous System With This Ancient Yoga Practice

With time, patience, and grace, you'll become a pro at this challenging practice.

Sara Lindberg, M.Ed., B.S.
February 22 2020

This Lesser-Known Yoga Practice Is Arguably The Most Accessible

But what makes it different from other types—and why is it so loved by beginners and advanced yogis alike?

Amanda Tarlton, RYT-200
February 20 2020