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How To Open Those Hips (Video)

The hamstrings are the gateway to the hips and they are one of the easiest areas of the body to open. A relatively simple external rotation such as a...

Kino MacGregor
October 19 2013

5 Reasons You Should Do Handstands Every Day

Handstands are an extremely underrated exercise, for one main reason: most people think they just can't do them.

Krista Stryker
October 17 2013

5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Stretching .... But Should!

Maybe you view stretching as a nice thing to do if you still have some time after your workout is finished, but stretching is actually an essential...

Chris Freytag
September 23 2013

6 Steps To Your Best Upward Dog

Upward dog (Urdva Mukha Svanasana) is a pose that's often rushed through or misaligned, even by experienced practitioners. Here are some things to...

Lauren Rudick
September 17 2013

How To Return To Your Power Through Meditation

Recently, in a yoga class with my friend and fellow teacher, Rebecca Butler, my knee hurt really badly. Since high school, the plates in my knees...

Amber Shumake
August 27 2013

Top 10 Myths About Yoga

Being a yoga teacher and student is fulfilling and inspiring, but being a yoga cheerleader isn’t always that easy. Knowing the power of yoga to...

Brenda Blanco
June 30 2013

What It Truly Means To Be Flexible

As humans we have the capacity to analyze, figure, discern, and plan. We analyze what’s happened in the past and what’s happening in the present,...

Janet Stone
April 26 2013

Easy Legs-Behind-Your-Head

Over time your body will open—we promise!

Kino MacGregor
April 20 2013

How To Do Splits For Beginners (Video)

Splits require a combination of open hamstrings, hip flexors, lower back, and shoulders.

Kino MacGregor
March 16 2013

27 Awesome Inversions From Rockstar Yogis

Here at MBG we love yoga and we love going upside down! We know how difficult it can be to invert, and how great it can feel when you finally get the...

March 14 2013

Does Yoga Make You Strong?

More athletes and coaches are realizing that yoga complements everything they’ve been trying to achieve. Whether on the court, in the ring, on the...

Marcus Julian Felicetti
February 28 2013

5 Ways Yoga Will Improve Your Martial Arts

Before yoga, I practiced mixed-martial arts for nearly six years. Seeing my body transform has been very interesting to say the least. Along the way,...

Mike Yap
February 16 2013

Debunking The 5 Myths Way Too Many People Believe About Yoga

You’ve heard ‘em. Heck, you’ve probably used them at some time.

Pamela Nixon
January 28 2013

Don't Wear Your Genes To Yoga

“My [fill in the blank] are genetically tight.”

Dr. Emill Kim
January 21 2013

I Am Not Naturally Flexible: Confessions From A Yoga Teacher

I am not naturally flexible. Sometimes I feel like a complete sham, being a yoga teacher and not able to express full hanumanasana (the splits) …

Lauren Rudick
January 19 2013

Why You Can't Do Yoga

In high school I could not bend down and touch my toes… and I do not mean that my fingertips were millimeters from grazing them. I was a solid 8...

Jaime Posa
December 27 2012

BUT I'm Not Flexible! Debunking Yoga Excuses

As a yoga instructor, you'll hear a million excuses about why someone won’t try yoga. Some are admirably creative: “I don’t like the idea of imitating...

Kirby Koo
December 9 2012

6 Reasons Every Athlete Needs Dance and Yoga

Today, there is more physical demand on athletes than ever before. They have to hit harder, run faster, and play longer. This takes a toll on the...

Megan Vick
October 10 2012