Alicia Archer

Fitness Instructor & Flexibility Expert

Alicia obtained her BFA in dance from Fordham University/The Ailey School and continues to pursue a career in fitness. Although a dance major, Alicia was still very new to the world of exercise. She started taking group classes several times a week and developed a passion for fitness and instruction. Certified by AFAA, she now teaches several signature formats focusing on helping students realize their full potential joyfully, through musicality and rhythm. Through working in the industry, Alicia found herself influenced by circus arts. Always intrigued by aerial work and acrobatics, she looked for lessons in NYC and began training regularly in aerial, contortion, and hand-balancing. Now well-versed in the workings of flexibility, she combines her specialty in body-weight training with the knowledge of mobility and stretching techniques. Alicia believes discipline lies within and that tremendous results are possible for anybody willing to put in the work.

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What is your wellness philosophy?

I feel that focusing on living pain-free should be more prioritized than aesthetics. We only have one body, and ensuring its longevity is critical.

What brought you into wellness?

Upon finishing my degree in dance, I decided to work at an Equinox gym that was close to where I went to school. Being surrounded by fitness changed my view as a dancer. I moved every single day, but I never knew what body conditioning was. After being introduced to different styles of fitness, I dove in and took as many classes as I could. Eventually, I decided I want to be instructor.

What does You. We. All. mean to you?

It means that we're are all in this together. Someone is happy like me, or sad like me. In order to thrive, we have to grow, build, and love collectively.

What renews you?

Knowing that I have a gift, and that is teaching. I never anticipated doing well as a movement teacher, and realizing how much I can share and how many lives I can change keeps me going.