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The Morning Skin Care Routine That Made My Sensitive Skin So Glowy

June 12, 2018
Fitness Instructor & Flexibility Expert
June 12, 2018
Here at mbg, we believe that beauty is uniquely yours. In our video series Bare Your Beauty, we break down various techniques, rituals, and how-to’s designed to help you feel good in your own skin, whether your goal is to de-stress, update your skin care regimen, or try a new look. 

I have a skin care confession: I am a pimple picker, and, to make things worse, I have sensitive skin. It’s not a great match: harming sensitive skin by doing my own extractions led to a long healing period that left some gnarly scarring on my face.

These days, instead of taking matters into my own hands, I rely on skin care with ingredients that address both skin conditions. I need products that do not cause irritation.

Today, I’m sharing the skin care routine that has helped my skin recover. For me, investing time and effort into taking care of my skin helps change my relationship with it—the more I care for my skin, the less likely I am to pick at it.

1. Double cleanse.

The most important step is this one. Living in New York City can mean that the skin withstands a lot of debris, pollution, and bacteria—without a solid cleanse, they can wreak havoc on sensitive skin. I start with an oil cleanser that washes off my SPF and makeup—I have been using Kahina Giving Beauty’s Oil Cleanser. Then I follow with Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser that contains cotton extract, which soothes the skin while whisking away leftover grime.

2. Spritz hydrosol.

I follow with a soothing, hydrating hydrosol that calms and replenishes my skin after cleansing. This one from Bathing Culture has been a favorite.

3. Apply vitamin C serum.

I then apply the Ursa Major vitamin C serum that can help even out my skin tone while being gentle at the same time.

4. Spot-treat trouble zones.

If I have a stubborn pimple, I’ll use a spot treatment like Skinfix Acne Spot Treatment instead of my fingers!

5. Moisturize.

I top it all off with my beloved Burt’s Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream that will leave my skin moisturized without any irritation.

It's tough breaking bad habits, but having a solid skin care routine helps pull me out of them. There's no reason to compromise my skin when I have the right products that address my conditions. It's not easy, but the results are worth it!

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Alicia Archer
Fitness Instructor & Flexibility Expert

Alicia obtained her BFA in dance from Fordham University/The Ailey School and continues to pursue a career in fitness. Although a dance major, Alicia was still very new to the world of exercise. She started taking group classes several times a week and developed a passion for fitness and instruction. Certified by AFAA, she now teaches several signature formats focusing on helping students realize their full potential joyfully, through musicality and rhythm. Through working in the industry, Alicia found herself influenced by circus arts. Always intrigued by aerial work and acrobatics, she looked for lessons in NYC and began training regularly in aerial, contortion, and hand-balancing. Now well-versed in the workings of flexibility, she combines her specialty in body-weight training with the knowledge of mobility and stretching techniques. Alicia believes discipline lies within and that tremendous results are possible for anybody willing to put in the work.