How I Meditate In New York's Mountains

So many people have this impression of New York as a city that's tough, dirty, and loud. Don't get me wrong—it's definitely all those things, and I wouldn't be a true New Yorker if I didn't embrace that part of city life. But sometimes people forget that America's largest city is actually surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountain trails and valleys.

If you're a hiker, trail runner, rock climber, skier, jet-skier, snow-shoer—you get the picture—you've got a serious outdoor playground within a few hours' driving distance of NYC.

As a fitness instructor, I share a lot of my energy with my clients in the gym every day, making sure their needs are met and that they're feeling supported. So it's often invigorating for me to simply be by myself to recharge. Luckily, finding solitude and a peaceful place to reset away from the chaotic city limits is as easy as hopping on an hourlong bus or train ride headed upstate. (Another thing that's almost too easy: I love that I can get everything I need to enjoy the outdoors at—it's where I get most of my everyday clothes and workout separates anyway!)

I love walking around the trails in the Hudson Valley. Immersing myself in nature and experiencing it up close, away from the hustle and bustle behind me, not only gets me to move my body in a low-impact way, but it's also an incredible way to clear and center my mind.

It's my form of meditation, and I'm thankful I get to practice it right here.


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