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4 Tips For Finding A Therapist You Really, Truly Connect With

It's so important to work with a therapist you truly trust and connect with.

How I Finally Overcame My Struggle With Anxiety After 20 Years

Plus, the daily mantra that helps me stay aligned and balanced.

Shannon Kaiser
March 25

These Blood-Sugar-Balancing Foods Are A+ For Calming Anxiety

"In my practice, I start with the assumption that anxiety is a blood sugar issue until proven otherwise."

Ellen Vora, M.D.
March 15

Are You Using Self-Criticism To Protect Yourself? A Psychiatrist Explains

We need to understand how we're benefiting from our own self-criticism before we can fully kick the habit.

Do You Identify As An Overachiever? You May Have This Type Of Anxiety

Since it seems like you're doing well, it's easy to deny, dismiss, and overlook symptoms.

Julie Nguyen
February 22