Linnea Passaler, DMD

Anxiety Researcher

Linnea Passaler, DMD, is the founder and CEO of Heal Your Nervous System, a community that connects thousands of people globally, offering them tools to nurture a well-regulated mind and body.

With a degree in oral medicine from the prestigious Università degli Studi in Milan, Dr. Linnea has more than twenty-five years of experience in health care, serving patients as an oral surgeon, a health educator, a scientific researcher, and a health-care entrepreneur. Through her professional life and personal journey to heal her own dysregulated nervous system, she has developed a unique understanding and deep respect for the connection between the body, mind, and spirit.

Dr. Linnea has been widely recognized for founding, a digital health start-up, which, under her leadership, quickly evolved into one of Italy’s most trusted online medical platforms. The Italian press referred to her as “the symbolic face” of Italy’s innovation and she’s spoken at events alongside the Italian president. She splits her time between Bali and Italy, alongside her partner, Alessio, and their four children, Anais, Lelia, Amal, and Ariel.

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