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How To Nurture Your Relationship When Life Gets In The Way

External factors play a huge part in how we treat our significant others, unless we consciously curb that tendency. So, focus on what you can...

Tyler Leslie
April 6 2016

Why We Fall Out Of Love (And How To Stop It)

Here are the signs that it's happening to you and what to do about it.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
April 1 2016

How To Keep Your Relationship Together (Even When It's Falling Apart)

Maybe what we call "true love" isn’t for the fairy tales and romance novels or just for the silver screen anymore. We have, at last, a practical map...

Sue Johnson, M.A., EdD
March 31 2016

Are You A Highly Sensitive Person? Here Are 3 Ways To Minimize Stress

Hey, all you HSPs: You are someone who feels more strongly than average—the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the horrifying—and that is a wonderful...

Shannon Kaiser
March 30 2016

Think You're Always Right? It's Probably Ruining Your Relationship

Eckhart Tolle goes as far as to describe the need to be right as a form of violence. At its mildest, it is inflexibility. At its height, it manifests...

Roger Landry, M.D., MPH
March 29 2016

The Simple Shift That Will Finally Let You LOVE Your Body

I loved that I could pick up heavy boxes without panting or open tomato jars without feeling like my fingers were going to break. When I felt strong,...

Elizabeth Tsung
March 29 2016

11 Signs You Need To Cut Back On Booze (Even If You're Not An Alcoholic)

You can have a problem with alcohol, and not be an alcoholic. You can have a problem with alcohol and not want to quit. Here are twelve signs it's...

Caitlin Padgett
March 28 2016

6 Sneaky Relationship Betrayals That Have Nothing To Do With Cheating

Whether or not cheating has been an issue in your relationship, ask yourself if you (or your partner) might be betraying your relationship in one of...

Giordana Toccaceli
March 28 2016

Knowing Yourself Is The Key To Beating Depression

Knowing yourself well is essential to wiggling out of depression’s grip and finding happiness.

Sandra Bienkowski
March 20 2016

Is A Coincidence Ever JUST A Coincidence? The New Science Of Synchronicity

Synchronicity can come to you in any number of different ways. You may find yourself urged to reflect by a street sign, a TV scene, or a song. You may...

Bernard Beitman
March 19 2016

The Prerequisite To True Love Most People Skip

I enjoyed being there for others, which I thought meant I was fully able to love someone else. But I later realized there was always an underlying...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
March 17 2016

I Stopped Being A Toxic Person: Here's How

I had a dysfunctional childhood—I faced body-shaming for being overweight, sexual assault by family members, and had no relationship at all with my...

Elizabeth Tsung
March 17 2016

6 Life-Changing Lessons From Paul Kalanithi’s “When Breath Becomes Air”

In the final months of his life, Dr. Kalanithi left us a gift: a primer for living.

Vishnu Subramaniam
March 17 2016

How To Find Your Passion (Even If You Think You Don't Have One)

Research shows that 80 percent of the population can’t identify a singular passion. Yep, 8 out of 10 people.

Maria Stenvinkel
March 16 2016

How Arianna Huffington Rebuilt Her Life To Make HuffPo Happen

Finally she slept. But this was not the restorative snooze Arianna Huffington had hoped to slip into during the early hours of April 6, 2007,...

Deborah K. Heisz
March 15 2016

Signs You're In A Toxic Relationship

Is it possible that you (or someone you know) are in a toxic relationship? Here are five red flags that might make you want to take a second look.

Deborah King
March 14 2016

How Illness Can Help You Tune Into Your Body

Illness offers us a precious opportunity to investigate our lives without judgment.

Lissa Rankin, M.D.
March 13 2016