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The First 12 Months Of Your Life Dictate Your Attachment Style Forever

The rate of "insecurely attached" babies is exactly the same as the rate of divorce. Coincidence? We don't buy it.

Jamison Monroe
March 8 2017

Your Guide To The Best Mental Health Day Ever

Your one-day plan to combat burnout, enclosed.

Amy Kurtz
February 23 2017

5 Signs You Need A Break From Dating

"Feeling defeated when you're dating and not finding 'the one' is normal. But you are not defeated. Feelings come and go. Allow yourself to take a...

Corinne Dobbas
February 21 2017

How To Heal From An Abusive Relationship

The fact that you've never had a healthy relationship before doesn't mean you never will. You just have to break that pattern. Here's how to let go of...

Sandy Weiner
February 18 2017

Why You Shouldn't Be Scared To Be Single On Valentine's Day

"The greatest service you can perform for the world is to be the truest expression of yourself."

Natasha Salman
February 14 2017

These Are The 3 Voices That Stop You From Doing What You Want To Do

Sorry, but these voices aren't your friends.

February 8 2017

It's The Year Of The Fire Rooster: Here's Your 2017 Horoscope, According To The Chinese Zodiac

"Time to get #woke? The Rooster is crowing, sounding the alarm for us all to get alert and aware."

The AstroTwins
February 3 2017

How To Tune Out The Crap & Map Your Own Journey In 2017

Attention is your most precious resource. How are you spending it?

Maddy Moon
February 3 2017

These Are The Tools You Need To Combat The Negative Voices In Your Head

You need a promise, a consequence, and someone to hold you accountable.

January 30 2017

It's Aquarius Season: Here's What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Relationships

Whether you're breaking up, making up, falling in love, or trying to figure out that infuriating person, knowing your love horoscope can help make...

The AstroTwins
January 20 2017

This Is How To Build A Meaningful Life—One Step At A Time

"Meaning ultimately comes from connecting and contributing to something beyond the self."

Emily Esfahani Smith
January 19 2017

How NOT To Get Manipulated By Your Narcissistic Ex

Breaking up with a narcissist won't stop 'em from trying to manipulate you. Here's how to deal with emotional warfare.

Lindsey Ellison
January 18 2017
PAID CONTENT FOR Emily Esfahani Smith, author of The Power of Meaning: Creating a Life That Matters

The Pursuit Of Happiness Doesn't Actually Make Us Happy. Try This Instead

The foundation for meaningful life—the principles upon which happiness is built—built on four pillars: belonging, purpose, storytelling, and...

Emily Esfahani Smith
January 16 2017

3 Tips For Letting Go For Perfectionists

Time to release and make room for new experiences.

Heather Juliet
January 16 2017

The Quick Mantra + Breathwork Practice That Your Gut Will Love

Jill Willard has known that she possessed an otherworldly gift since she was a little girl. Here, she shares her breathwork practice and mantra to...

January 13 2017
PAID CONTENT FOR Essentialism by Greg McKeown

This Paradigm-Shifting Idea Has The Power To Change Everything

Once you become an Essentialist, you will find that you aren’t like everybody else. You'll be a quiet revolution of sorts, giving yourself more time...

January 8 2017