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How To Boost Energy Without Caffeine, Sugar, Or More Sleep

This holistic quiz will help you figure out what drains your energy.

Genevieve Faulkner
October 18 2016
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Want a Joyful, Fulfilling Life? Do This

Want to find the answers to life's toughest questions? Try keeping a Good Time Journal, which helps you redesign your daily activities to maximize...

October 15 2016

8 Upper Limit Beliefs That Might Be Keeping You From Loving Yourself

"The more we fill ourselves up with love, the more love we have to share with others."

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
October 11 2016

I'm A Psychologist Who Was In An Abusive Relationship. Here's How Therapy Helped Me Heal

"My therapist is a warm, wise woman. Of course, I don't tell her everything. You see, I’m in denial — I'd rather believe that everything he does, from...

Perpetua Neo, DClinPsy
October 8 2016

How To Be The Author of Your Life + What Your Inner Voice Has To Do With That

Paying too much attention to your inner voice isn't always a good thing.

September 28 2016

The Best Magic Stores In NYC

It's time to get witchy and explore NYC's 5 best occult, metaphysical, and spiritual stores.

Lindsay Cohn
September 26 2016

The Ancient Chinese Personality Indicator You Need To Know About + What It Says About You

Meyers-Briggs, the Enneagream, and now the Five Elements. Find out what this classification system says about your personality.

Dondi Dahlin
September 25 2016

How To Identify The Factors Holding You Back + Break Free Of Them For Good

Beth Weissenberger, co-founder and vice chairman of The Handel Group, gets into the nitty gritty about those insidious internal tendencies that keep...

September 17 2016

How To Distinguish Intuition From Self-Doubt

Intuition feels like a trusted friend: calm, kind, and nonjudgmental.

Jill Willard
September 15 2016

The Trendy Shortcut To Whole-Body Healing

Once the realm of dangling watches and madcap mind-control schemes, hypnosis is back in the mainstream — and it's hipper than ever.

Victoria Lewis
September 1 2016

The Stress Of Self-Abandonment Might Be Making You Sick

"Giving myself up was the opposite of being loving — it was a form of control. I was trying to control others' love and approval, rather than learning...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
August 29 2016

Why Growing Up In An Alcoholic Family Was The Key To Finding True Self-Love

"My inner critic showed up when I was about eight years old, and growing up in an alcoholic family. Through the dysfunction that alcoholism breeds, I...

Diane Altomare
August 27 2016

The Best Reason Ever To Go After Your Side Hustle

"When we use our talents, skills, and gifts, we don't leave room for regret. You know this."

Susie Moore
August 22 2016

I Have Bipolar Disorder. Here's How I Stopped Letting It Define Me

"My bipolar disorder colored every relationship I had. It was the filter that people saw me through. Truthfully, at that time, it was the filter I saw...

Lauren Polly
August 18 2016

How To Thrive As A Highly Sensitive Person — In ANY Environment

These practical suggestions should be part of any HSP's arsenal.

Heather Dane
August 16 2016

How To Take Care Of Yourself When You're Someone Else's Caregiver

"Be honest and forgiving with yourself when tough decisions must be made."

Iris Waichler, MSW, LCSW
August 16 2016

5 Tips For Dealing With Uncertainty In A New Relationship

"You might think you don't have the capacity to deal with not knowing. But you do. Here's how."

Rhonda Milrad, LCSW
August 16 2016

The One Question You Need To Ask If You REALLY Want To Change Your Life

"In some way or another, the choices we make each and every day are a reflection of how we truly feel about ourselves."

Sophie Gray
August 15 2016