Cynthia Belmer

Author, Self-love Coach

Cynthia Belmer has been on the self-love journey for over 8 years. Her job is to help women end their stress by realizing that they're already what they're looking for in life: love and strength.

In 2006 Cynthia began her quest to finding answers to "who am I" which led her to questioning her stressful beliefs about her life experiences in relationships (self, romantic and personal ones) and in spirituality.

Since then, Cynthia has coached countless women from all over the world and led workshops that helped individuals find gifts in their negative experiences and turn their focus towards the loving voice that has always been ready to give them happiness in life.

Although Cynthia has been coaching for many years, she still considers herself a student of self-realization. She's a self-love coach, author of Life Without Approval and an inspirational speaker.

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