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How One Woman Lost 135 Pounds + The Recipes That Helped Her Get There

"I can, I want to, I choose to eat a full slice of this cake and love deeply all the many bites I take. I linger on the cocoa flavor, the suede...

July 6 2016

The Single Most Important Factor In Finding The Love Of Your Life

"That four-word response puzzled and inspired me. After seeing so many divorces and miserable couples, I figured love was complex: that happiness in a...

Daniel Dowling
July 5 2016

Can You Have A Great Relationship Without Great Sex?

If you're not having great sex, YOU might be the problem. Here's how to fix it.

Biet Simkin
July 1 2016

3 Reasons Failure Can Be The Best Thing That's Ever Happened To You

Don't chalk up every failure as just that. If you learn from the things that don't go your way, you'll get closer with every failure to greater and...

Paula Rizzo
June 30 2016

The 5 Romantic Archetypes: Which One Are You + What Does It Mean For Your Relationships?

Every woman fits into one of five romantic archetypes: the Venus, the Amazon, the Madonna, the Gypsy, and the Cool Girl. Find out how your archetype...

Psalm Isadora
June 27 2016

The Crucial Element Of Living Your Purpose That Most People Forget

What dreams have you had to grieve to achieve even bigger, better goals?

Michelle McGlade
June 21 2016
PAID CONTENT FOR Susan Cain, the author of Quiet

Susan Cain Spills The Inspiration Behind "Quiet" & How She's Changing The Landscape For Introverts

"I basically walked around the world for a few years with all my apertures open, looking at everything through the lens of introversion and...

June 17 2016

How To Attract An Authentic, Committed Partner

“How can I be honest about what I need without being considered 'needy'?”

Giordana Toccaceli
June 14 2016

Do You Just Love Sex Or Are You Actually A Sex Addict?

Here's what the cycle of sex addiction actually looks like.

Rob Weiss
June 9 2016
PAID CONTENT FOR Susan Cain, the author of Quiet

Susan Cain's "Quiet": The Book That Will Teach You How To Be A Better Introvert

Quiet is an incisive exploration of personality, history, and culture that will change the way you think about yourself, your relationships, and the...

June 2 2016

What It's Really Like To Be An Intuitive Empath

An empath feels the pain and suffering of everyone around them—and, as such, often believes it’s his or her burden to bear.

Kristen Schwartz
May 27 2016

The Body-Shaming Behavior We All Need To Stop

Your worth is not dependent on the number you see on the scale.

Shannon Kaiser
May 24 2016

6 Ways To Improve Your Attitude (Even When You're Grumpy)

Allow yourself to feel whatever emotion or thought you’ve been resisting.

How To Nurture Your Relationship When Life Gets In The Way

External factors play a huge part in how we treat our significant others, unless we consciously curb that tendency. So, focus on what you can...

Tyler Leslie
April 6 2016