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3 Simple Ways To "Rewild" Your Home Garden To Support Biodiversity

Thoughtfully planted gardens can be havens for local wildlife.

Emily Murphy
February 1

Yes, Every Birth Month Has Its Own Flower — Do You Know Yours?

You know your birthstone—what about your birth month flower?

Sarah Regan
January 7

This Houseplant Looks Like A Fern But Is *Way* Easier To Take Care Of

This wispy wonder makes for a unique addition to your greenery collection.

Emma Loewe
December 16 2021

3 Houseplants That Hate Winter (And How To Get Them Through The Season)

Here's how to give them the TLC they need to get through it.

Emma Loewe
December 14 2021

This Horticulture Expert's Tips Will Turn Anyone Into A Green Thumb

News flash: Nobody is born with a green thumb!

Emma Loewe
November 29 2021