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5 Quick Upgrades To Make Your Outdoor Space Ready For Entertaining

Just in time for warmer weather.

#gardening #feng shui #plants #Spring Cleaning
Sarah Regan
April 17 2022

8 Eco-Friendly Lawn Alternatives (That Are Way Prettier Than Grass)

These low-growing plants require less water and maintenance than your typical lawn.

#gardening #environmentalism #plants
Matthew Pottage
April 12 2022

The Underrated Veggie Has Been Ranked One Of The Least Likely To Have Pesticides

Meet the latest addition to the EWG's annual Clean 15 list.

#organic #organic food #plants #news
Sarah Regan
April 7 2022

Sustainable Plant Stem Cell Science Is Transforming Our Skin Care… Here's The Scoop

Check out the formula for real natural beauty.

#partner #skin care #plants
Devon Barrow
April 7 2022

5 Things A Greenery Expert Wants You To Do To Your Plants Right Now

Spring has officially sprung.

#plants #mbgsupplements
Sarah Regan
March 31 2022

What Plant-Based Ingredient Are You?

Take this fun plant-based quiz to find your plant personality!

#partner #plants #superfoods
Devon Barrow
March 31 2022

8 Mushroom Grow Kits That Make It Easy To Forage Your Own Kitchen

Getting your fungi fix just got a whole lot easier.

#plants #environmentalism
Heather Bien
March 30 2022

This Tall Houseplant Is So Finicky, But We've Got The Secret To Keeping It Alive

Notorious for its diva behavior, the fiddle leaf fig is a magnificent plant that knows its worth.

Alex Shea
March 29 2022

This Plant Is A Lucky Charm — & It Will Totally Thrive In Your Home

A low-maintenance plant thought to attract wealth in feng shui? We'll take seven.

#plants #feng shui
Lauren David
March 24 2022

This Plant Can Go Weeks Without Watering: 13 Types To Check Out

Welcome to our succulent starter guide.

#plants #gardening
Emma Loewe
March 23 2022

The Plant Care Mistake Every Busy Person Makes & How To Fix It

"Plants are not furniture, so they should not be collecting dust, dahling!"

#plants #mbgsupplements
Christopher Griffin
March 23 2022

This Tropical Tree Thrives As A Houseplant: Just Be Sure To Get The Right Type

Its swordlike leaves are sure to grab attention.

Lauren David
March 21 2022

The Spiritual Significance Of The Spring Equinox + How To Tap Into It

'Tis the season to bloom.

#energy #gardening #plants
Sarah Regan
March 18 2022

A Lot Of Diversity Exists In The Vegan Movement: Why Aren't We Talking About It?

"Now that plant-based eating is becoming more mainstream, it's important to consider what voices are being heard and elevated."

#environmentalism #plants #vegan #mbgsupplements
Leah Thomas
March 8 2022

Starting A Garden This Year? This Is The Most Important Tool You'll Need

The best book about gardening is the one you write yourself.

#gardening #plants #journaling
Julia Watkins
March 8 2022

Never Overwater Your Plants Again With This Simple Gadget

Here's the scoop on soil moisture meters.

#plants #gardening
Emma Loewe
March 1 2022

This Hungry, Hungry Houseplant Can Take Care Of Pest Problems For You

As far as houseplants go, it's a challenging but rewarding choice.

#plants #gardening
Lauren David
February 28 2022

Ready For A New Hobby? Our Complete Guide To Canning Is Here

Say hello to farm-fresh food, year-round.

#plants #canned food
Amy Pennington
February 25 2022

This Houseplant Has A Dramatic Look & Doesn't Need Much Light

These tropical beauties really groove with the sun.

Alex Shea
February 23 2022

Growing Mushrooms At Home Is Easier Than You Think With Our Newbie Guide

You know you've always wanted to try.

#plants #organic #organic food #mbgsupplements
Lauren David
February 20 2022