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2 Places That Will Definitely Kill Your Houseplants + Where To Put Them Instead

An important refresher now that winter is coming.

Emma Loewe
November 10 2021

The One Mistake To Avoid When Bringing Your Plants Inside For The Winter

As the seasons change, so do the needs of our beloved plants.

Sarah Regan
November 8 2021

9 Best Hanging Planters To Bring Your Greenery Game To The Next Level

Take your greenery to the (literal) next level.

Emma Loewe
November 1 2021

I'm An Herbalist: Here's What People Get Wrong About My Field

"As herbalism products go more mainstream, it's essential that they are always paired with trust, transparency, and true expertise."

Rachelle Robinett, RH
October 26 2021

25 Genius Ways To Store Summer Produce So It Lasts All Year Long

Here's how expert gardeners put every last morsel to delicious use.

Emma Loewe
October 3 2021

These 3 Kitchen Scraps Double As Food For Your Garden Plants

Plants, like humans, need certain nutrients to grow strong.

Emma Loewe
September 30 2021

The Vivacious Plant Is Like A Coat Of Fresh Paint For Your Garden

Here's what to know to keep it bright and beautiful.

Carly Quellman
September 29 2021

2 Places To Never Put Your Cut Flowers (If You Want Them To Last)

An easy trick to help your flowers bloom brighter for longer.

Emma Loewe
September 13 2021

The Biggest Houseplant Mistake People Always Make This Time Of Year

As hard as it is to believe, fall is nearly here.

Sarah Regan
September 8 2021

6 Flowers That Will Stay Alive In A Vase For Weeks (Yes, Weeks!)

A beautiful, fresh vase of flowers instantly puts a smile on your face.

Sarah Regan
August 12 2021