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This Tall & Tantalizing Houseplant Is Deceptively Easy To Care For

How to keep it happy, from root to tip.

Emma Loewe
November 16 2020

5 Florist-Approved Tips To Make Your Cut Flowers Last Longer

Who couldn't use an aesthetically pleasing reason to smile, after all?

Sarah Regan
November 5 2020

9 Things To Do Tonight (And All Week) Instead of Doomscrolling

A bit of inspiration for stepping away from the news tonight, if you need it.

Eliza Sullivan
November 3 2020

4 Reasons Your Pothos Leaves Are Turning Yellow & What To Do

This houseplant is hardy, but it's not invincible.

Emma Loewe
October 20 2020

These 4 Houseplant Apps Basically Turned Me Into A Green Thumb

The next best thing to having a botanist on speed dial.

Emma Loewe
October 8 2020

How To Access The Healing Power Of Nature — Through A Conversation With A Plant

Sit under a tree and it will shower you with its sacred geometry.

Jemma Foster
September 28 2020

Don't Throw Out Your Chopsticks! Use Them For This Houseplant Hack Instead

They're the perfect shape for tending to soil.

Emma Loewe
September 25 2020

What Does "Bright, Indirect Light" Actually Mean? Asking For My Plants

According to a plant pro, the term is somewhat misleading.

Emma Loewe
September 23 2020

What Time Of Day Your Houseplants Should Be Watered & Why It Matters

It turns out, timing can make a difference.

Sarah Regan
September 22 2020

How To Propagate Your Aloe Plant For A Never-Ending Gel Supply

Aloe is easy to care for, has a ton of uses, and you can propagate it!

Sarah Regan
September 20 2020

5 Signs Of An Overwatered Plant + How To Save It Before It's Too Late

From ferns to ficuses, different plants require different amounts of water.

Sarah Regan
September 18 2020