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This Personality Type Needs To Stop Avoiding Conflict — Is It Yours?

They're known as the "peacekeeper."

#numerology #energy
Sarah Regan
January 24

This Life Path In Numerology Is The Most Psychic—Is It Yours?

Their intuition is super strong.

Sarah Regan
October 5 2023

This Life Path Number Is The Most Caring Of Them All—Is It Yours?

They're sometimes referred to as the "nurturers" of numerology.

#numerology #dating #energy #empowerment
Sarah Regan
September 23 2023

This Life Path Is The Hardest Worker In Numerology—Is It Yours?

They're known as "the builders."

#empowerment #dating #numerology
Sarah Regan
September 18 2023

This Life Path Is The Independent Leader Of Numerology—Is It Yours?

They can be kind of aggressive.

#numerology #energy #dating
Sarah Regan
August 21 2023

How To Find Your Personal Year Number To Predict What The Year Has In Store

Your personal year number is an important part of numerology.

Sarah Regan
July 21 2023

What Your House Number Says About Your Home, According To Numerology

Hang on tight if you live in a 5.

#numerology #energy
Sarah Regan
July 9 2023

Don't Know Your Life Destiny Number? Here's How To Find It + What It Means

It's just as important as your life path number.

#numerology #energy
Sarah Regan
July 4 2023

These Life Path Numbers Are The Most Powerful — Is One Of Them Yours?

They also face powerful challenges.

#energy #empowerment #numerology
Sarah Regan
June 20 2023

Numerology Says This Type Of Person Can Be Overly Sensitive — Are You One Of Them?

And try to avoid gossiping too.

#numerology #energy #dating
Sarah Regan
June 2 2023

This Rare Personality Type Struggles With Letting Things Go — Do You Have It?

It's ok to be a little selfish sometimes, y'all.

#energy #numerology
Sarah Regan
February 18 2023

Why Numerologists Have Been Looking Forward To 2023 For Years

Many of us will awaken to our greatest potential this year.

Kaitlyn Kaerhart
January 3 2023

Seeing This Sign From The Universe Can Mean An Ending Is Near

When one door closes, another opens.

#numerology #Journey
Sarah Regan
May 21 2022

A Powerful Energy Portal Opens This Summer: 5 Ways To Prepare

It's a powerful time for manifesting.

#astrology #manifesting #numerology
Sarah Regan
May 17 2022

Why You Should Feel Lucky Every Time You See This Number Sequence

Numbers have a funny way of grabbing our attention.

#numerology #empowerment
Sarah Regan
May 11 2022