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Gasp: Lips Deflate With Age — Here's What To Do About It

Lips thin and lose volume with time. Here's what to do about it.

#skin care #healthy aging #mbgpersonalcare
Alexandra Engler
March 16

This Light-As-Air Body Lotion Is So Good, I Seriously Want To Bathe In It

It's top-notch for grease-free hydration.

#skin care #hydration #mbgpersonalcare
Jamie Schneider
March 14

The Best Self-Tan Routine For Zero Streaks + All The Glow

Self-tanning is one of those beauty habits that plenty of people try out reluctantly yet end up loving.

#skin care #makeup #mbgpersonalcare
Hannah Frye
March 13

How 4 Beauty Experts Treat Fine Lines & Dark Spots On Their Hands

The skin on your hands is some of the most vulnerable. Here, how five beauty professionals treat theirs as they age to prevent fine lines and dark...

#skin care #healthy aging #Collagen #Antioxidant #mbgpersonalcare
Alexandra Engler
March 13

Try These 5 A+ Oils For Brighter, Supple & Healthier Skin

For those who are serious about wanting supple, glowing skin—it’s time to invest in a good oil. Here, five natural oils to look for on the ingredient...

#skin care #mbgpersonalcare #Antioxidant #healthy aging
Alexandra Engler
March 11

Changes In Your Skin Microbiome May Lead To Less Collagen, Research Suggests

To say that the microbiome has a profound effect on the appearance and health of the skin would be an understatement. Here, how it may affect your...

#skin care #mbgpersonalcare #Collagen #healthy aging

Found: A Quick & Easy Way To Reduce Bloat In Less Than 5 Minutes

Say bye-bye to bloat.

#digestion #Traditional Chinese Medicine #mbgpersonalcare
Hannah Frye
March 5

This Balm Contains An Eco-Friendly Dupe For Petroleum Jelly

Lately, we've seen a refreshing shift in which brands have started to move away from petroleum jelly and other petrochemicals. Here's why.

#skin care #mbgpersonalcare

Use This No-Fuss Trick For Fuller-Looking Lips & Enhanced Lip Color

A bit of well-placed lip product can really help you feel pulled together in no time. Here, a no-fuss makeup technique that will make lips look soft...

#mbgpersonalcare #makeup #skin care

These 3 Lightweight Oils Are A+ For Aging Skin & Fine Lines

Here, some of my favorites to look for on an ingredient list. 

#healthy aging #Collagen #mbgpersonalcare
Alexandra Engler
February 19

This Anti-Inflammatory Antioxidant Is A Must-Try Wrinkle-Reducing Ingredient

CoQ10 lays the foundation for healthy aging skin. Allow me to explain.

#mbgpersonalcare #skin care #Antioxidant
Alexandra Engler
February 16

Layering Fragrance Is Simpler Than You Might Think — Plus, More Perfume Tips

For fragrance lovers.

#skin care #makeup #aromatherapy #mbgpersonalcare
Hannah Frye
February 15

The Sneaky Sign You May Struggle With Heart Health Issues Down The Line

Taking care of your skin is far from superficial.

#skin care #hydration #mbgpersonalcare
Jamie Schneider
February 13

This Favorite Ingredient Is Shockingly Good For Dark Spots

If you have sensitive skin, it can be a struggle to find products that help fade dark spots—without triggering more inflammation. How sensitive skin...

#skin care #mbgpersonalcare #healthy aging
Alexandra Engler
February 12

How To Treat Dark Spots, Fine Lines & Crepiness On Hands

The skin on your hands often is the first to show lack of moisture, sensitivity, and yes, aging. Here, hand creams that will help.

#skin care #mbgpersonalcare #healthy aging #Collagen #Antioxidant
Alexandra Engler
February 11

Ever Heard Of Shower Sandwiching? It Will Transform Your Scaly Skin

Rough, crepey skin begone.

#skin care #hydration #mbgpersonalcare
Jamie Schneider
February 10

5 Signs Your Skin Care Routine Is Aging You Faster

The road to inflammation is often paved with good intentions.

#skin care #mbgpersonalcare #healthy aging
Alexandra Engler
February 9

I'm In My 30s & Already Have Fine Lines On My Chest & Décolletage — What I'm Doing

The 30s are usually when folks start to see the first signs of aging skin.

#mbgpersonalcare #healthy aging #skin care
Alexandra Engler
February 6

The Best Lip Balms All Have This One Thing In Common

Here, the inside scoop on finding a daily lip balm that will actually keep your lips hydrated all day long by using these ingredients.

#skin care #mbgpersonalcare
Alexandra Engler
February 5

I'm A 35-Year-Old Esthetician: 3 Skin Care Habits I Wish I Did In My 20s

Hindsight is 20-20.

#skin care #healthy aging #multivitamin #mbgpersonalcare
Jamie Schneider
February 3