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Here's How To Make Your Nighttime Routine More Meaningful In 5 Steps

Just because your daily 9-to-5 may be mundane doesn't mean your 5-to-9 has to follow suit.

Hannah Frye
May 15

An Editor's Secret Weapon For Calming Down At The End Of A Long Day

Nighttime routines are essential, and this product gives mine a fragrant boost.

Emma Loewe
May 14

The Hack That Made Meditation 10x Easier For Me (Because You Know It's Hard)

I think finding ritual is a vital part of a more mindful life. And while meditation is in itself a ritual, sometimes I need a mini ritual on top of...

This Dreamy Pillow Mist Will Be Your New Favorite Addition To Your Nightstand

We encourage you to be thoughtful about how you unwind. One way is through an aromatherapy-inspired linen mist, like mbg's dream mist.

The Top 3 Hair Removal Mistakes This Derm Sees All The Time

The weather is finally starting to warm up, and the sun's rays are ever-so-gingerly finding their way out. For me, I know that means shedding a few...

Want To Support Skin Longevity? 9 Science-Backed Tips For A Youthful Glow

With the help of a healthy lifestyle, a beneficial skin care routine, and good habits, you can help your body through the aging process.