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How A Best-Selling Cookbook Author Designs Her Workspace For Creativity & Joy

Take a peek around Erin Gleeson's workspace: a secluded cabin in the woods.

#holistic home tour #Work In Progress
Emma Loewe
November 7 2019

This L.A. Apartment Embraces The Transformative Power Of A Good Rug

Currently manifesting her personal farm setup.

#holistic home tour #plants
Emma Loewe
October 24 2019

This Tiny Home In The Mountains Is Where We Go When We Meditate

Filled with dried wildflowers and reclaimed woods, it's beyond dreamy.

#holistic home tour #minimalism
Emma Loewe
October 10 2019

This Furniture-Free Apartment Takes Minimalist Living To The Next Level

Learn how its owner has found abundance by owning less.

#holistic home tour #minimalism #environmentalism
Emma Loewe
September 12 2019

Essentialism Rules In This LA Food Photographer's One-Room Studio

Who knew minimal living could be this easy?

#partner #holistic home tour #minimalism
August 5 2019

This High-Vibe Home In Berlin Has Plants That Reach The Ceiling

It's full of the coolest personal touches.

#holistic home tour
Emma Loewe
June 27 2019

11 Minimalist Bedrooms That Will Inspire The Marie Kondo In You

We're dreamin' of these serene sanctuaries.

#holistic home tour
Emma Loewe
June 9 2019

These 10 Homes Are Proof That You Can Never, Ever Have Too Many Plants

Welp, we're about ready to drop everything and go plant shopping.

#plants #holistic home tour
Emma Loewe
May 25 2019

This Artist's Home Is A Plant-Filled, Minimalist Dream

Check out how to recreate the look.

#holistic home tour #minimalism
Emma Loewe
April 28 2019

In This Dreamy Seaside Home, The Kids Help Take Care of The Plants

Don't miss the washroom door.

#holistic home tour #plants
Emma Loewe
April 14 2019

This Cozy U.K. Home Will Make You Want To Paint Your Walls, STAT

An interior design student lets us into her super-relaxing sanctuary.

#holistic home tour
Emma Loewe
March 28 2019

This Plant-Stuffed NYC Apartment Is 600 Square Feet Of Happiness

A true urban oasis.

#holistic home tour #plants
Emma Loewe
March 14 2019

A Pro Declutterer Takes Us Through Her Studio Apartment — And Spills How She Keeps It So Tidy

"Now that we have lived with less, we actually prefer it."

#holistic home tour #minimalism
Emma Loewe
February 28 2019

Just Looking At This LA Townhouse Will Lower Your Cortisol Levels

Tour the millennial pink dreamscape.

#holistic home tour
Emma Loewe
February 14 2019

Inspo Alert: This Hygge Home In Vancouver Is A Green Oasis

Listen up, plant lovers.

#plants #dogs #holistic home tour
Emma Loewe
January 17 2019
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This Minimalist Townhome Simplifies Sustainable Living In Every Room

Read on to watch Alexandra Dawson walk us through her holistic D.C. townhome.

#partner #holistic home tour
Krista Soriano
November 2 2018

This Family's Earthy Home Is Filled With The Most Beautiful Crystals We Ever Did See

Here's how to recreate the look.

#crystals #holistic home tour
Emma Loewe
September 27 2018

Warning: You WILL Want To Move Into This Bright, Lush New Zealand Loft

For today's holistic home tour, we're flying over to Auckland to check out designer Ron Goh's space.

#holistic home tour #plants
Emma Loewe
September 6 2018