11 Minimalist Bedrooms That Will Inspire The Marie Kondo In You

mbg Sustainability Editor By Emma Loewe
mbg Sustainability Editor
Emma Loewe is the Sustainability Editor at mindbodygreen and the author of "The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide To Ancient Self Care."

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Clutter is just downright distracting—especially when it's next to you as you're trying to sleep. As professional organizer Tracy McCubbin recently shared on mindbodygreen, people can run into trouble getting some shut-eye while surrounded with stuff that reminds them of their to-do lists.

She gave the example of a recent client, writing, "There was a bed piled high with clothes, a closet overpacked and overflowing, stacks of unread business books everywhere. Every night as she tried to fall asleep, she would stare at piles of clutter and beat herself up. Her bedroom was no longer a sanctuary but a giant stack of failures—failure to put things away, to read all the books, to 'do it all.'"

If you have a hunch that it might be time to streamline your sleep space, we have you covered with some inspo. In pursuit of the ultimate minimalist bedroom, we combed through mindbodygreen's Holistic Home Tour series that spotlights homeowners around the world who have turned their spaces into soothing sanctuaries. We came up with 11 stunning interiors that combine relaxing color schemes, natural materials, and inviting fabrics to forge a pared-down place to dream. We hope they inspire you to go forth and declutter and then follow it up with a little refresh.

Draping a piece of white fabric over the bed makes for a clean, crisp (not to mention, affordable) canopy. Check out this expert-approved primer on healthy textiles before you choose your fabric and hold it up using three ceiling rods.

As seen in The Joshua Tree House home tour.

No bed frame? No problem. Wooden pallets do the trick and you can snag them for a good price at hardware stores like Home Depot.

As seen in Friederike Weid's home tour.

Planning your color scheme around a piece of statement art can make the bedroom feel really intentional and cohesive. If you're in the market for a new one, we really love these seven prints made by talented female artists.

As seen in Erika Carlock's home tour.

This winky pillow is everywhere on Instagram—and we're into it. Pick yours up at Urban Outfitters or Society6 and pair it with a more colorful throw for some contrast.

As seen in Meghan Bee's home tour.

Introducing plants to an otherwise all-muted color scheme is almost always a good idea. They add some more visual interest to a room and incorporating touches of nature indoors has proven health benefits like improved mood and quicker brain function.

As seen in Ron Goh's home tour.

Don't want to commit to wallpaper? Make your own simple wall pattern using stencils and a bottle of spray paint. It's simple, fast, and can easily be swapped out. You can find a range of paint colors at places like Lowe's.

As seen in Melanie Raver's home tour.

Instead of the typical above-the-bed statement piece, why not play around with a series of similar prints? We've got some more creative ideas for hanging a gallery-worthy display at home here.

As seen in Orlando Soria's home tour.

Strapped for space? Strategically placed wooden benches in the bedroom make for some beautiful storage.

As seen in Julie Pointer Adams' home tour.

Hanging a mirror above your bed adds some instant interest to your space—and it's feng-shui-approved! Just make sure that your mirror is reflecting something that you want to amplify in your life, like a special photograph or a window with views out to nature.

As seen in Anjie Cho's home tour.

This fun bedside display challenges the idea that big plants have to go on the floor. It's also a nice example of grouping similar houseplants near each other in a room. This is visually appealing, and it makes things easier when it's time to water your greenery.

As seen in the Haarkon home tour.

Make like this professional declutterer and be super intentional about the items that surround your sleep space. Having trouble paring things down? This piece of advice could help you overcome your minimalist plateau.

As seen in Kyle Quilici's home tour.

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