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This Plant-Filled Oasis In The Dutch Countryside Is The Dreamiest Artist Studio Ever

BRB, moving to the countryside immediately.

#holistic home tour #minimalism #plants
Emma Loewe
June 7 2018

A Green Beauty Pioneer Lets Us Into Her Stunning Home-Turned-Office In NYC

Learn how to recreate some of the highlights from this Moroccan-inspired family home.

#holistic home tour #skin care
Emma Loewe
May 25 2018

How To Make Your Small Space A Sanctuary

This is all the reasons you need to get up and dance!

#empowerment #feng shui #holistic home tour #joy
Jules Acree
April 4 2018

Peek Inside A Natural Skin Care Studio That Feels Like Home

Plus, snag their tips on keeping up a productive (but fun) workplace.

#autoimmune #essential oils #holistic home tour #joy #skin care
Emma Loewe
March 2 2018

This Macramé Artist's European Studio Is Downright Dreamy

P.S. She made almost all the furniture herself.

#holistic home tour #plants
Emma Loewe
January 26 2018

Check Out A Feng Shui Designer's Blissed-Out NYC Apartment

You won't believe how much thought and detail went into her space.

#feng shui #holistic home tour
Emma Loewe
September 29 2017

This School Bus Is The Cutest Tiny Home Ever. Let’s Take A Tour

"I love being in a beautiful, serene space I've created from top to bottom. It was hard work, but I'm so proud of it."

#holistic home tour
Emma Loewe
July 2 2017

This One-Bedroom Apartment Has 600+ Houseplants. Let's Take A Tour

Today on Holistic Home Tours, we’re checking out an apartment in the heart of NYC that could probably put any suburban garden to shame.

#holistic home tour
Emma Loewe
May 20 2017