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Homocysteine: What Is It & What Levels Are Normal?

Even though it's important in certain amounts, when it's too high, it has been linked to autoimmune conditions, heart disease, and more.

September 26, 2018: Wellness News You Need To Know

Top wellness news today, including the health of bees, breastfeeding, and being fit and still having heart disease.

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
September 26 2018

I'm A Doctor — Here's How I Reversed My Fatty Liver & Acid Reflux With Integrative Medicine

"I changed the way I practice medicine and reinvented myself as a physician, and I’ve never looked back."

Marvin Singh, M.D.
August 1 2018

9 Foods You Can Eat For A Healthier Heart

Cooking a heart-healthy meal just got way easier!

February 28 2018

Here's Scientific Evidence That Infrared Saunas Are Good For You

Feel free to justify your sauna habit, or to start one.

Lindsay Kellner
January 18 2018

Do Infrared Saunas Have Any Health Benefits? We Dive Into The Trend

Detoxify, relax, and soak up all the benefits of sweating in an infrared sauna.

Jenny McCoy
January 16 2014

10 Signs Your Thyroid May Be Out Of Whack, According To Functional MDs

The thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland in the center of your neck, is the master gland of metabolism.

Abby Moore
January 31 2013