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Polluted Areas Can Increase Blood Pressure, But Doing This May Help

Air pollution has long been associated with poor heart health, but this may help.

Abby Moore
July 21 2020

This Slow, Gentle Movement Boosts Mood Among Cardiovascular Patients

And it seems to help anyone, regardless of heart health, release stress.

Sarah Regan
June 8 2020

Scientists Find Another Link Between Heart Disease & Dementia

Yet another reminder that everything in the body is connected.

Emma Loewe
May 19 2020

COVID-19 May Be Linked To Strokes In Younger People, Report Finds

The potential link between the coronavirus and cardiovascular health.

Abby Moore
April 29 2020

Forget Sitting: Here's Why You Should Squat & Kneel For Your Health

According to their research, squatting and kneeling may be beneficial resting positions for our overall well-being.

Sarah Regan
March 9 2020