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New Study Outlines The Link Between Heart Health & Memory

Researchers have linked heart failure to a potential marker for cognitive decline.

Eliza Sullivan
February 26 2020

3 Tweaks To Make Keto Way More Heart-Healthy, From A Cardiologist

Yes, it's possible to go keto without the "bacon and butter" mentality.

Jason Wachob
February 18 2020

Why Scientists Point To This Diet For Better Gut & Heart Health

More research is highlighting the importance of tending to your gut.

Sarah Regan
February 17 2020

A 15-Minute Yoga Flow To Cultivate Self-Love & Open Your Heart

It's important to cultivate love for your No. 1—you!

Claire Grieve
February 13 2020

4 Ways A Neuroscientist Wants You To Protect Your Heart & Brain Health

The brain-heart connection might be the key to overall health.

Daniel Amen, M.D.
February 11 2020

Why Women Over 40 Should Pay Special Attention To Their Heart Health

Women are at an increased risk for heart disease during menopausal transitions.

Abby Moore
February 4 2020

What This Preventive Cardiologist Eats In A Day On A Keto Diet

This cardiologist always starts his day with a cup of black coffee.

Abby Moore
January 28 2020

New Research Reveals How Burnout Can Mess With Your Heart Health

A new study found that burnout can contribute to impaired heart health.

Eliza Sullivan
January 14 2020