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5 Things To Do More (& 3 Things To Do Less) For Stellar Mental Health

Time to embrace new patterns and let go of habits that aren't serving you.

#Mental fitness #empowerment #stress #anxiety #journaling
Tamieka Welsh, MSW
6 days ago

Forget Happiness — This Psychologist Wants You To Focus On Satisfaction

How does a person get to a place where they consistently embody an empowered self-concept?

#joy #empowerment

How To Overcome Shame & Let Yourself Be Seen, According To A Psychologist

How to stop judging yourself and others.

#anxiety #empowerment #Mental fitness
Devon Price, Ph.D.
February 7

Hung Up On Someone & Want To Move On? Here's How, From Experts

In 13 steps or less.

#breakup #divorce #empowerment
Sarah Regan
February 1

This Personality Type Is The Hardest Working Of Them All — Is It Yours?

"Assertive" is their middle name.

Imani Quinn
January 30

This Rare Personality Type Is Brooding & Unique—Is It Yours?

They're known as the Individualist.

Sarah Regan
January 20

What Happens To Our Health When We Stop Having Sex?

We know sex helps our health—but does a lack of sex damage it?

#dating #confidence #anxiety #stress #empowerment
Alicia Tyler
January 11

How To Strengthen Your Faith & Practice Letting Go In The New Year

We are all instruments of loving intelligence.

#empowerment #Stronger Together 2024
Sarah Regan
January 4

The 7 Best Bits Of Spiritual Wisdom We Learned From Experts This Year

The only way out is through.

#empowerment #energy #forgiveness #joy
Sarah Regan
December 31 2023

45 Journaling Prompts To Reflect On This Past Year & Plan For The Next

This is a natural time of year for reflection.

#journaling #manifesting #empowerment #holiday
Tanya Carroll Richardson
December 24 2023

This Personality Type Is Known To Sacrifice Themselves — Is It Yours?

They're known as the peacemakers.

Sarah Regan
December 20 2023

Need A New Hobby? Here Are 127 Unique Options To Try Next

Hobbies are good for the soul.

#joy #empowerment
Sarah Regan
December 6 2023

This Is A Major Warning Sign That You're Stressed & Overwhelmed

What's got you tense?

#empowerment #stress
Sarah Regan
November 21 2023

I'm A Neuroscientist & This Is The Real Secret To Lasting Happiness

It's less complicated than you think.

#empowerment #joy
Sarah Regan
November 13 2023

This Life Path Number Is The Most Powerful Of Them All — Is It Yours?

They're often wealthy too.

#empowerment #manifesting
Sarah Regan
November 7 2023