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Curious About The Akashic Records? Here's What To Know + How To Access Them

Lauren David
May 02, 2024
Lauren David
By Lauren David
mbg Contributor
Lauren David is a Chilean-American freelance writer. She writes about gardening, food, health and wellness, and sustainability. She has been published in Allrecipes, Greatist, The Healthy, The Kitchn and more.

Are you curious about your soul's many lives? Accessing your Akashic record can provide insight into anything from issues you're facing in this lifetime to questions you may have about the past. An ancient concept, the Akashic Records is a library full of information about a person's soul. 

Here's everything to know about the Akashic Records–including what they are, their origins, and how to access them, according to spiritual experts.

What are the Akashic records?

The Akashic records are thought of like a database, or an infinite library full of information about a person's soul.

As intuitive mentor, author, and host of the Healer Dealer podcast, Diana Zalucky, explains, "The Akashic records are an energetic collection of imprints registered through impulse, feeling, thought, spoken word, and action." It's a cosmic library overflowing with information. 

"I explain to clients that everyone has a record—it's your records past, present, future, across all lifetimes and all realms," says Tillie Eze, certified Akashic records teacher and spiritual adviser.

If you ever wondered about the multitude of trajectories each decision can lead to, well, from the soul's point of view, there is a way to access this information.

"The Akashic records holds the information of your soul's journey," adds spiritual mentor, quantum healer, and Akashic record reader Erin Panzarella, "as well as the information from every possible outcome your soul can experience based on different choices you make." 

History & origin of the Akashic records

"The origins of the Akashic records is ancient," says Janet Rae Orth, an internationally recognized intuitive consultant and spiritual coach. "Akasha is referenced in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Ancient Egypt and Greece, all [of which] recognized this cosmic repository of collective wisdom," Rae Orth adds.

Today, the Akashic records are understood through a theosophy lens, a religious and spiritual movement based on ancient religions, such as Buddhism, which believes all souls are connected.

The founder of theosophy, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, is known for bringing these spiritual practices to the West in 1875. She claimed that she learned about Akashic records from Tibetan monks, along with other techniques.

According to Rae Orth, the word Akasha in Sanskrit means astral light, cosmic space, or ether. It is referenced in Indian philosophy, as a fifth nonphysical realm containing all of a soul's information, she adds. And the concept of Akasha in Christianity, Rae Orth notes, is referred to as "The Book of Life," referenced in Exodus in the Bible.

But it was Edgar Cayce, an American clairvoyant, who really put the Akashic records in the spotlight. "Later in the 20th century," Rae Orth tells mindbodygreen, "Edgar Cayce would often access the Akashic records in his readings."

Who can access the Akashic records?

The Akashic records are available to anyone open and curious about learning from them. "Anybody and everybody that desires to experience the wisdom of their soul [can access them]," Zalucky says, adding, "It's an experience that is interwoven through physical and nonphysical life experiences that can shape and define our lives."

People who want clarity or guidance on important life events, or an understanding of their purpose in this lifetime, may be interested in exploring their records. (And you can access the records on your own or work with a professional reader.)

"People tend to want to access the records when they are feeling stuck in certain behaviors that are unhelpful, overwhelmed by life, experiencing a spiritual awakening, wanting extra guidance from a source that knows what to say to expand them open into new possibilities, or want to navigate a big life change in their career, relationship(s), or personal life," Panzarella explains to mindbodygreen.

Anyone feeling blocked or stagnant in their life can benefit from accessing their record. "The records transcend the 'logical mind' and help provide answers and action steps," Panzarella says, adding, "If you find yourself feeling stuck or blocked from what you've experienced in the past, limiting beliefs, or struggling with self-worth, accessing the records can be life-changing." 

The Akashic records can be accessed with only a name, but you must have the person's permission before proceeding. Some people may choose to work with a professional Akashic records reader (and with your permission, they can) to help guide them in this process and help decipher the information.

"Someone who can see or read the records, or speak to the Akashic record keeper, may be more direct and immediately clear to you," explains Rae Orth.

How to access the Akashic records

Never worked with Akashic records before? Some people may feel more comfortable working with a professional when exploring their records for the first time, but you can always try yourself.

According to Panzarella, it's not necessary to get a reading if you feel the call to access them yourself. "However," she adds, "having someone who knows the steps, and how to interpret the information provided, can be a way to expedite receiving life-changing information." 

Accessing the records on your own accord is possible. This can take time to create a spiritual practice that allows you to tune in and connect more easily. Know that the answers or information may not happen immediately. 


Create a comfortable and quiet space

Like with any spiritual practice, it's important to feel secure, safe, and comfortable before accessing the record. Meditate or use a grounding technique to help clear your mind and connect with your body before you begin. 


Have a clear intention

Knowing why you want to access the records is key and can help guide the experience in what you hope to have revealed. Setting an intention or having a specific question is key.

"It is important to have an intention when entering the records," says Panzarella, who suggests getting clear on why you want to access them, "whether it's to answer specific questions around your soul's purpose, certain relationships, career, past lives, or other elements of your life that are impacting you in this moment." 

When thinking about your intention and question, Rae Orth puts it in modern-day terms: "If you were doing a Google search, what would your keywords be?"

For example, she says, you might ask:

  • How should I remove the blocks on my path to create something new?
  • How can I release my trauma and heal?

Recite a prayer or mantra

Reciting a mantra or prayer creates a sacred and safe space to begin this spiritual practice.

As Panzarella explains, "The invocation or prayer entrance is also a great way to build the muscle of tuning in to the energy of the Akashic records.

There isn't a specific opening prayer to begin or open the Akashic records. However, Linda Howe, a renowned Akashic studies expert, created "The Pathway Prayer" that anyone can use to access their records. 


Get grounded

After saying an opening prayer, allow yourself several minutes for your body to relax and feel grounded. Feeling calm helps to begin this spiritual practice. 



Getting quiet and focusing on your breath helps you get in a meditative state to be more receptive to receiving information. "To do it consciously, one must go into a trance or meditative state," says Rae Orth, adding, "From there, you can access information from your Akashic record keeper."

These "keepers," she says, are like spiritual guides whose only job is to manage your Akashic records. 


Ask your desired questions

Once you're in a meditative state, you are now ready to ask your question. According to Panzarella, "Akasha allows you to receive answers on what you need to know right now in order to move forward with more ease and clarity, and sometimes the answers you get are way more enlightening than what you'd expect." 


Document your experience

Have a journal nearby to write down or draw any information you receive during your session. "Each person has a unique way of connecting; some may see visuals whereas others may hear, feel, or experience a deep knowing," Panzarella explains. 

Over time you can reference the messages, notes, drawings, or symbols that appear to you for better clarity on what everything may mean. Another option is to voice record what occurred in your session; the goal is to have the information handy so you can easily refer to it.

Don't be discouraged if you feel you weren't able to access your records. After all, this is a spiritual practice, and not everyone may tune into the energy on the first try. 


Be patient

Receiving information from your records may take time, so be prepared to be patient.

"The answer may not be immediate for you, as if you read it in a book. It will likely be more subtle, a knowingness you have, a feeling of what you should do," says Rae Orth, adding, "This feeling or knowingness may become conscious to you over a period of a few days or a week."

She notes the information can also come to you in dreams. There can even be occasions where you may not realize information is coming from your records. As Rae Orth notes, "You may not be able to directly attribute this new knowledge to your Akashic records," adding, "However, your soul will have received the information it needs to proceed or heal."

Benefits of working with the Akashic records

There are many reasons someone may want to work with the Akashic records as they seek more clarity or information in their life. Eze shares that people access the records for ancestral healing, asking about their past lives, doing past-life regressions, and asking about jobs and relationships, as just a few examples.

Here are some other benefits you can expect.

Changing patterns

The Akashic records can help you understand patterns in your life and make positive changes, "uncovering past life or current life lessons so you can finally stop repeating patterns," says Panzarella.

Creating connection

Exploring the Akashic records can give you more perspective about yourself by creating a deeper connection with who you are. Understanding your true self can help in many aspects of your life.

As Panzarella explains, "Accessing the records can help you feel more connected on a daily basis and experience more excitement in your life, contentment with what is, and feel less stressed."

Gaining self-trust

Zalucky says one of the biggest benefits of working with the Akashic records is building more self-trust.

"Through collaboration with yourself, others, and spirit," she says, "you [have] the opportunity to establish a connection to your own inherent knowledge, your own spiritual ancestry, and experiences within your personal and spiritual existence that support the evolution of your life."

It's an opportunity to learn how to listen to the language of your soul, Zalucky adds, "and become the bridge between you, your soul, and spirit."

Feeling love

In a world that can feel harsh and challenging, accessing the records lets you connect with a softer realm of love. "The records are a place of unconditional love, so no matter how wild the question may seem, the answer comes with no judgment," says Eze.

According to Zalucky, "You get to experience how deeply supported you are; you learn to become more gentle, compassionate, and trusting of yourself because working within the Akashic records is love-based, not fear-based." 

Resolving inner conflicts

Sometimes we can feel stagnant or unsure of what to do next. When we're dealing with inner conflict, the Akashic records can act as a guide to provide some clarity.

The Akashic records can help with, according to Panzarella, "resolving inner conflicts to help you take action in places you may feel stuck.

Additional tips for the Akashic records

Work with a professional

Although you can access the records on your own, some people may feel more comfortable working with a professional. "Readers can access your records for you with permission," explains Panzarella, adding, "Having someone that knows how to connect to the records can help it be less overwhelming." 

When working with a professional reader, it's important to know that they'll have their own guidelines (and some questions are off-limits).

"You can ask any question, but some readers, like myself, have boundaries on what they are willing to answer," explains Eze, who notes, "For instance, clients cannot ask when they will die or who I was to them in a past life." She adds that readers have to protect their energy too.

Ask the right questions

Setting an intention and having clarity on the information you seek is important before accessing the records. If you're looking to make a decision and want a yes-or-no answer or want to know when something will happen, you may not get much help.

"Akasha doesn't typically respond to definite yes/no questions or timelines of when something will happen," explains Panzarella. You'll receive the information that you need, even if it's not what you imagine. "It will present answers that serve you most rather than fixate on a certain outcome," she adds. 

Give it time

Exploring the records doesn't mean you'll instantly connect or get the answers you seek. This process can take time and self-awareness to decipher the messages when they come through.

"Your ability to access the Akashic records grows over time, so if you don't feel yourself connecting on the first try, stay persistent," says Panzarella. Working with a professional can help too, of course, so "ask a reader or teacher to assist you," Panzarella adds. 

Create a daily practice

Like any spiritual practice, doing it often can make a difference in creating more connection and noticing more subtlety. If you want to open them on your own, create a daily practice.

"Giving yourself at least 5-10 minutes of silent meditation per day can help you recognize the shift in energy that comes when you are accessing the records, as there are different feelings that come over you when you are in them that can be subtle or more intense," Panzarella says.

Be selective 

More and more people are offering Akashic record readings and services, which makes it easier to find a professional to work with. The caveat, of course, is that can also lead to some shady people going after your money and vulnerability.

With that said, Zalucky notes, "Please have discernment when selecting a practitioner, [as] there are so many scams happening."

The takeaway

Accessing your Akashic record is a way to understand your soul's journey, both past, present and future. Exploring your record can provide answers and information in the form of messages, symbols, or images, which can help you gain insight, feel supported and loved, and create a deeper connection with yourself and the universe.

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