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Looking For A Sign To Move Forward? This Spiritual Symbol Is It

Time to get going.

#Tarot #energy #empowerment
Sarah Regan
February 16 2023

5 Practices From Michelle Obama For Staying Hopeful During Uncertain Times

From starting your day with kindness to creating a "kitchen table" of close friends, consider "The Light We Carry" your guide to creating change and...

#partner #empowerment
Devon Barrow
February 15 2023

7 Signs Of An Existential Crisis + How To Get Through It, From Experts

Plus how to get through one.

#empowerment #Journey
Sarah Regan
February 10 2023

Do You Want A Fresh Start? This Spiritual Sign Says You're Getting One

Here's what to do when you see it.

#energy #empowerment
Sarah Regan
February 9 2023

The Best Personal Trainer Certifications To Kick-Start Your Career & Improve Your Health

Fast-track your new career.

#Bodyweight Workout #empowerment
Kelsea Samson
February 8 2023

Dreaming About This Can Be A Sign That You're Feeling Overwhelmed

Hate to be the bearer of bad news.

#energy #empowerment #sleep
Sarah Regan
February 7 2023

I'm An Intuitive & This Month Brings Confusion — But Also Opportunity

Can you sit with what you find?

#energy #empowerment
Natasha Levinger
February 6 2023

Can A Relationship Survive Without Sex? A Sex Therapist Explains

This is what people get wrong about sexless relationships, according to a sex therapist.

#libido #marriage #dating #empowerment
Kelly Gonsalves
February 4 2023

This Ancient Personality System Sheds Light On Your Deepest Fears & Desires

Plus what you can actually learn from your "wing."

#empowerment #Journey
Sarah Regan
February 1 2023

How To Ground Yourself When You Feel Uncomfortable In Your Body

A healthy relationship with your body begins by being comfortable with your physicality.

#Mental fitness #empowerment #energy
Deepak Chopra
February 1 2023

If You Keep Noticing This Spiritual Sign, It Can Mean You're Lying To Yourself

It encourages you to seek the truth.

#energy #empowerment #Journey
Sarah Regan
February 1 2023

Which Emotion Is Driving Your Life? This Simple Test Will Tell You

Are you actually a happy person?

#joy #grief #empowerment
Sarah Regan
January 25 2023
PAID CONTENT FOR Carol S. Dweck Ph.D., Author of Mindset

Here's How To Get Into The Growth Mindset (Psst... It's Connected To Success)

The book "Mindset" written by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., is an exciting and timeless reminder about the power of mindset and how it can transform our...

#partner #brain #empowerment
Devon Barrow
January 25 2023

Grab One Of These Crystals If Your Motivation Has Been Low

(Maybe keep some on your desk, too.)

#crystals #energy #empowerment #chakras
Sarah Regan
January 18 2023

This Is The Real Key To Being The Hero Of Your Own Story

True freedom takes an immense amount of courage.

Jessica Zweig
January 17 2023

This Moon Sign Can Have Major Issues With Codependency, Astrologers Say

They just want to keep the peace.

#empowerment #astrology
Sarah Regan
January 14 2023

Why This Weekend's Special Moon Is Begging You To Release & Start Fresh

There's still plenty to release.

#energy #empowerment #manifesting #astrology
Sarah Regan
January 13 2023

39 Journaling Prompts To Help You Map Out 2023, From Therapists

Grab your favorite journal.

#empowerment #manifesting #mantras #affirmations
Sarah Regan
January 11 2023