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A Functional MD Explains Why Taking A Cold Shower Is A+ For Immunity

A great reason to "brr," if you ask us.

#immunity #cleanse #longevity
Jamie Schneider
November 26 2020

The Healthy Aging Benefits Of Autophagy & How To Activate The Cellular Process

Functional medicine experts shed light on this beneficial process.

#healthy aging #cancer #cleanse
Lindsay Boyers
October 7 2020

A Deep & Delicious Dive Into Kitchari, Ayurveda's Favorite Cleanse

mbg class instructor Sahara Rose walks us through how to make it.

#Ayurveda #cleanse #digestion #gut health
Sahara Rose
September 27 2020

The Barefaced Method: A Derm-Approved Hack To Identify Your Skin Type

Figure out what skin type you actually haveā€”and fast.

#skin care #acne #cleanse
Jamie Schneider
September 10 2020

How To Make Your Own Bubble Bath + 6 DIY Tips For An Extra-Luxe Soak

Brew your bath, light a candle (or three), and sink into a heavenly soak.

#skin care #cleanse #diy beauty
Jamie Schneider
August 22 2020

"Multi-Masking" Can Give Your Skin An Even Glow: Here's How To Do It

That way, your whole face can feel the love in one fell swoop.

#skin care #cleanse
Jamie Schneider
August 21 2020

Does An Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Really Work? Doctors & RDs Weigh In

Benefits, side effects, and other tips for drinking apple cider vinegar.

#cleanse #Blood Sugar #gut health
Abby Moore
August 8 2020

Toner Versus Essence: Are They Different? Here's What We Know

Toner is already quite the contested category.

#skin care #cleanse
Jamie Schneider
July 15 2020

Flat Hair? 7 Stylist-Approved Ways To Give Your Strands Some Volume

Time for the fluffy, full hair of dreams.

#hair #skin care #cleanse
Jamie Schneider
June 19 2020

These Bumps Are Commonly Mistaken For Acne, But Here's What They Really Are

The funny thing is, fungal acne isn't actually acne at all.

#skin care #inflammation #cleanse #acne
Andrea Jordan
June 19 2020

If Your Hair Is Screaming For Moisture, Consider This 3-Step Method

Consider this 3-step technique to lock in the hydration.

#hair #cleanse
Jamie Schneider
June 15 2020

To Towel Dry, Or Not To Towel Dry? An Easy Tip For Soft, Frizz-Free Hair

Summer humidity and frizz go together like sun, surf, and sand.

#hair #cleanse
Jamie Schneider
June 13 2020

Yes, You Need To Clean Your Earrings Regularly: Here's How To Do It

Make sure those gems don't go from glam to, well, gross.

#skin care #Green Cleaning #cleanse
Jamie Schneider
June 12 2020

How To Sync Your Self-Care Practice With The Moon, From A Psychologist

Syncing with the moon cycle can remind you to periodically pause, rest, and reflect.

#cleanse #energy #astrology #journaling #Journey
Perpetua Neo, DClinPsy
April 15 2020

Feeling Stressed? This Ritual Bath Can Help You Find Stillness & Inner Peace

If you're interested in discovering this level of peace within yourself, this ritual bath can help.

#affirmations #anxiety #cleanse #COVID-19
Deborah Hanekamp
March 25 2020

6 Daily & Weekly Ways To Help Your Body Detoxify, According To Terry Wahls, MD

Read an excerpt from "The Wahls Protocol."

#partner #cleanse #gut health #inflammation
Krista Soriano
March 17 2020

Is A Kidney Detox Really Necessary? How To Cleanse Your Kidneys Safely

These two bean-shaped organs are small but mighty.

#functional nutrition #cleanse #digestion
Sara Lindberg, M.Ed., B.S.
February 28 2020