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How I Lost 40 Pounds By Eating Clean

It wasn't until I realized that fad diets weren't a viable solution for me that I started to work on a solution.

Dawna Stone
March 30 2015

5 Cleansing Smoothies For A Lighter Breakfast

Instead of making the usual eggs with spinach or a Greek yogurt, try one of these smoothies listed below. Each is packed with nutrients, vitamins and...

Rachel Feldman
March 16 2015

A 30-Day Reset To Reduce Inflammation & Balance Your Hormones

When it comes to autoimmune disease, the wrong foods can hurt or even kill you — and the right foods can heal you.

3 Detox-Friendly Snacks To Help You Get Clean For Spring

Looking for three healthy snacks that are gluten-free, allergy-friendly, paleo and detox-approved? Enjoy one of these dips with a flax cracker, celery...

Rachel Feldman
March 13 2015

Should You Pay Extra For Cold-Pressed Juice?

Cold-pressed juice companies are popping up faster than techies in an Apple store during an iPhone release. Even Starbucks is getting in on the action...

Bess O'Connor
February 27 2015

8 Natural Ways To Turn Your Cleanse Into A Full-Body Detox

A good detox can have huge implications for your body and mind.

Jenny Carr
January 9 2015

10 Simple Steps To Clear Your Clutter

As we start to move into the colder months, we begin to spend more time indoors.

Christa O'Leary
November 3 2014

Fall Reset: Your Mini-Guide To A 1-Day Detox

Considering doing a cleanse this fall after a summer of indulgence?

Tiffany Lester, M.D.
September 22 2014

7 Benefits I Never Expected When I Went On A Raw Foods Diet

It really meant overhauling everything I ate and the entire way I lived.

Simone Samuels
July 23 2014

How To Ease Back Into A Healthy Life After Finishing A Cleanse

One of the biggest mistakes people make when detoxing is failing to transition back to normal eating gracefully, which can lead to extra weight gain...

Sarah Mae Ives
May 25 2014