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Unexplained Health Problems? It Could Be Autoimmune Reactivity

I find there are countless people who aren't sick enough to be labeled with an autoimmune disease but are still damaged by the effects of autoimmune...

The 60-Day Reset Diet That Cleared My Skin, Boosted My Energy & Changed My Life

I'd seen autoimmune protocols do wonders in thousands of my patients' lives over the years, and I wanted to see what it could do for me.

The 4 Superfoods You Aren't Eating Enough Of (And No, Kale Isn't Included)

We can choose to eat foods that feed disease, or we can choose to eat those that feed our health.

I Gave Up Sugar For 8 Weeks. Here's What Surprised Me

It's only after you cut out all sugar that you see how much you're really consuming.

Carly Hicks
August 18 2015

What To Know About Histamine Intolerance & Eating A Low-Histamine Diet

Headaches, anxiety, period problems and beyond can all come back to histamine.

Lindsay Boyers
October 3 2013

12 Common Symptoms Of Autoimmune Diseases To Know

They affect 24 million to 50 million people in the U.S.

Stephanie Eckelkamp
April 18 2013