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It's Time To Wash Your Makeup Brushes — Our Easy DIY Guide & Recipe

Be honest: When is the last time you washed your makeup brushes?

Alexandra Engler
June 28 2020

This Clean Beauty Philosophy Is Just What We Need Right Now

Chances are you've been practicing slow beauty without even knowing it.

Jamie Schneider
June 26 2020

This May Look Like Acne Or Whiteheads, But Here's What It Actually Is

If you've ever glanced in the mirror and spotted a cluster of tiny white bumps on your face, chances are you considered them whiteheads. Not so fast.

Andrea Jordan
June 25 2020

10 Truly Hypoallergenic Makeup Products To Try, Derm-Approved

The hunt for sensitive-skin-approved makeup is a journey, to say the least.

Jamie Schneider
June 24 2020

Putting Hydrogen Peroxide On Your Pimples? Derms Say It's Not So Safe

Anecdotally, it's gained quite the reputation for clearing away pesky pimples.

Jamie Schneider
June 20 2020

Breaking Out Around Your Eyebrows? You Might Have Your Mask To Blame

Unfortunately, the concept of "maskne" seems to reach more places than the actual surface area of the mask itself.

Jamie Schneider
June 19 2020

Is It Bad To Wash Your Face In The Shower? We Dive Into The Debate

Here's the simple truth: There's not really a right or wrong answer.

Jamie Schneider
June 3 2020

Skin Care Routine Order: How Exactly To Layer Your Products

So your routine might look different from a friend's—and that's OK!—but they will follow the same flow.  

Alexandra Engler
May 28 2020

The Best Exfoliant For Hyperpigmentation & Acne Scars, From Derms

Looking for gentle exfoliation to help fade acne scars and hyperpigmentation and decrease fine lines?

Jamie Schneider
May 27 2020

This Supplement Helped Clear Up My Acne After Years Of Frustration*

"It makes such a noticeable difference in my skin and how I feel overall.*"

Izzy Mattoon
May 27 2020