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The Best Ways To Treat Acne Scars, According To Dermatologists

Acne is hard enough in the moment—but we have to deal with scars, too?

Alexandra Engler
May 1 2020

We Found It: A Major Underlying Cause Of Your Blackheads & Breakouts

If you want to turn acne-prone skin around, the key might be finding what we call "noncomedogenic" ingredients and products. 

Alexandra Engler
April 30 2020

There's So Much To Decode Around Retinol, So We Did The Work For You

Will this ingredient make you glow? Or flake? Our deep dive helps you weigh your options on retinol.

Kirsten Nunez, M.S.
April 29 2020

Dermatologists Share Tips On Preventing Razor Burn & How To Soothe Bumps

You go through all this effort to make sure your legs are smooth, soft, and ready to show off, and next thing you know, angry little red bumps start...

Alexandra Engler
April 28 2020

So 'Maskne' Is A Thing: How To Get Rid Of Face Mask Breakouts, From A Derm

You might be noticing some skin irritation in the area where you're wearing it, especially if you're wearing your face mask frequently.

Alexandra Engler
April 26 2020

Not Sold On Adding A Toner To Your Routine? These May Change Your Mind

If you decide toner is for you, here are our favorite mists, essences, waters, and tonics.

Alexandra Engler
April 25 2020

Not Wearing Makeup During Quarantine But Still Breaking Out? Here's Why

After all, isn't skipping makeup and pore-clogging cosmetics supposed to stop breakouts? What gives?

Alexandra Engler
April 21 2020

DIY A Face Mask (The, Uh, Beauty Kind) With Whatever You Have At Home

If you can find joy in small, comforting rituals or treats, we think it's worth trying.

Alexandra Engler
April 11 2020

5 Reasons Vitamin B3 Shouldn't Be Missing From Your Skin Care Routine

So start taking notes because we're diving into the skin benefits of vitamin B and proving why it's the ingredient your skin care routine is missing.

Andrea Jordan
April 5 2020

Algae May Be The Glow-Inducing, Pore-Clearing Ingredient Your Skin Needs

Here, we outline all the glow-inducing benefits you can expect.

Andrea Jordan
April 3 2020