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Not Wearing Makeup During Quarantine But Still Breaking Out? Here's Why

After all, isn't skipping makeup and pore-clogging cosmetics supposed to stop breakouts? What gives?

Alexandra Engler
April 21 2020

DIY A Face Mask (The, Uh, Beauty Kind) With Whatever You Have At Home

If you can find joy in small, comforting rituals or treats, we think it's worth trying.

Alexandra Engler
April 11 2020

5 Reasons Vitamin B3 Shouldn't Be Missing From Your Skin Care Routine

So start taking notes because we're diving into the skin benefits of vitamin B and proving why it's the ingredient your skin care routine is missing.

Andrea Jordan
April 5 2020

Algae May Be The Glow-Inducing, Pore-Clearing Ingredient Your Skin Needs

Here, we outline all the glow-inducing benefits you can expect.

Andrea Jordan
April 3 2020

OK, So Should You Actually Use A Facial Toner? We Investigated

The skin care step is somewhat controversial, considered optional by some, yet downright essential to others.

Jessica Ourisman
March 28 2020

Why This Vitamin Is Great For Skin Hydration, Scar Healing & More

For more than 50 years, vitamin E has been a go-to ingredient in the skin care and supplement industry.

Kirsten Nunez, M.S.
March 26 2020

5 Benefits Of Moringa For Your Skin + How To Make A Mask At Home

Move over, matcha—there's a new(ish) green powder in town.

Kirsten Nunez, M.S.
February 9 2020

The One Mistake You Should Avoid With Your Skin Routine This Winter

Skin care is a little like style; it tends to shift with the seasons.

Jamie Schneider
February 8 2020

Is It Acne Or Rosacea? How To Spot The Difference, According To Derms

They are often mixed up, but they have subtle differences.

Jamie Schneider
February 6 2020

Dehydrated vs. Dry Skin: Yes, They're Different & Here's What You Need To Know

Here, we break down the binary (with the help of our favorite experts, of course).

Jamie Schneider
January 29 2020

How To Keep Your Aloe Vera Gel Fresh For Longer: 5 Storage Tips

Despite all the benefits of aloe vera, there's just one drawback: It has a super-short shelf life.

Kirsten Nunez, M.S.
January 20 2020

Can Aloe Vera Heal Acne Scars? Here's What The Research Says

Sometimes, these are more stubborn than the acne itself.

Rebecca Dancer
January 18 2020