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No Teen Should Be Put On Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics For Acne. Ever

She even went so far as to say that no doctor should ever give broad-spectrum antibiotics to teens looking for acne treatments, because the long-term...

May 30 2015

Ditch The Chemicals! 5 Head-To-Toe DIY Beauty Treatments

A few years ago, I tried to purge my bathroom of all lotions and potions containing scary toxins, hormone disruptors and chemicals I couldn’t...

Emily Feinstein
May 14 2015

Face Mapping: What Your Skin Says About Your Health

While sophisticated MRI and X-Ray machines leave little to the imagination, they haven't been around that long. Human disease and disorders, however,...

Shrankhla Holecek, MBA
April 29 2015

5 Simple Things You Can Do For Clearer, More Radiant Skin

Owning a shop that curates the best in natural beauty means clients often come to me saying, “Help! Fix my skin!” After the number of years I've spent...

Jennifer Freitas
April 27 2015

An Herbal Tea To Calm Your Skin

Made with herbs that are known to help calm skin flare ups, this tea works from the inside out to deliver its powerful benefits to your largest organ....

Pip Waller
March 27 2015

Why You Should Heal Your Gut If You Want Clear Skin

It's easy to forget that your skin is a vital functioning organ. With an average surface area of more than 21 square feet and 6% to 10% of your body...

William Cole, D.C., IFMCP
January 1 2015

Oysters For Healthy Hair + Other Beautifying Foods

Have you experienced hair loss? Are you worried about wrinkles? Do you have dreaded adult acne?

Julie Daniluk
December 8 2014

The Best Thing I Did For My Skin Was Put Down The Acne Treatments

Acne is probably one of the most irritating and annoying skin problems I can think of. My experience with it was devastating and painful — my acne was...

Victor Udeh-Martin
December 4 2014

6 Tips To Beat Your Adult Acne For Good

Contrary to popular beliefs, acne isn't just an issue for teenagers. Many adults also suffer from the condition, which can leave both physical and...

Ani Richardson
December 2 2014

What Your Skin Reveals About Your Health

Take a second and look at your skin from head to toe. What do you see? Many people observe wrinkles, acne, eczema, uneven rough skin or rosacea....

Megan Kelly
November 26 2014

Your Acne Isn't Your Fault

Do you struggle with persistent acne? If so, it's time for a Good Will Hunting moment. Let me paint the scene.

Brianne Grebil
November 24 2014

A Guide To Essential Oils (Infographic)

Whether you're new to the essential oils game or a long-time user, these distillations are little bottles of magic. From skincare to digestion to sex...

November 21 2014

Why Chinese Herbs Are Great For Treating Acne

As a holistic practitioner specializing in dermatology, I see a lot of patients with moderate to severe acne. Many of them come to me for the first...

Antonia Balfour, LAc
September 9 2014

5 Food Rules To Get Naturally Glowing Skin

What you eat and drink on a regular basis can greatly impact the clarity of your skin. Skin creams and skin care products may be able to provide some...

Selva Wohlgemuth
August 15 2014

DIY: 4 Simple Face Mists For Glowing Skin

When it comes to looking refreshed, summer can be challenging, especially when it's humid or if you're physically active. To fight the heat, I keep my...

Megan Porschen
August 7 2014

The Only 5 Products You'll Ever Need For Glowy Skin

I used to spend a fortune on face care products. Anti-aging creams, moisturizing lotions, firming serums, anti-puffiness gels, exfoliators for dry...

5 Natural Tips For Clear, Healthy Skin

I spent my adolescence plagued with acne. I expected it to disappear as I got older, but I didn't. I was using topical antibiotics well into my 20s...

Alison Ottaway
June 14 2014

10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Hormones

So you go to yoga, drink your green smoothies, and read all the best health news outlets. You should be set and 100% healthy, right?

Alisa Vitti
May 12 2014