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Oily Skin? This Surprising Supplement Can Help Balance Unwanted Shine

Like most aspects of skin care, eliminating excess oil is a bit more complicated than a 1-2-3-step regimen.

Jamie Schneider
September 9 2020

The 5 Best Masks (The, Uh, Beauty Kind) For Every Type Of Maskne, Explained

These five products have got you covered—well, in a different way than your face covering.

Jamie Schneider
September 5 2020

Are Acids Too Stripping For Your Skin? Try This Beloved Ingredient Instead

Enzymes and acids, while both effectively exfoliate your skin, have slight nuances to keep in mind.

Jamie Schneider
August 30 2020

Think You Have Combination Skin? 4 Ways To Tell + How To Care For It

Discovering your skin type is, arguably, the cornerstone of skin care.

Jamie Schneider
August 21 2020

So, "Skin Fasting" Is A Thing, But Is It Safe? We Asked The Experts

The biggest skin care trend to recirculate during COVID-19 may very well be, uh, nothing.

Jamie Schneider
August 18 2020

The 5 Best Trader Joe's Skin Care Products To Snag On Your Grocery Run

Consider TJ's a one-stop shop for your kitchen and bathroom shelves.

Jamie Schneider
August 11 2020

Is "Skinvestigation" The New Skin Care Routine? This Celeb Esthetician Thinks So

Your skin is smart—it'll tell you exactly what you need, if you take the time to listen.

Jamie Schneider
July 30 2020

Need A Little Skin-Brightening? Try This Two-Ingredient Turmeric Face Mask

Just a sprinkle of the spice can be deeply nourishing—with a gorgeous golden color, to boot.

Jamie Schneider
July 25 2020