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3 Ways To Refresh Your Morning Routine This Spring

We all know how much a grounding routine can set the tone for our day—read on for some inspo.

Krista Soriano
3 days ago

7 Core-Strengthening Yoga Poses To Make You Feel Powerful & Confident

Confidence aligns with the solar plexus chakra, located just above the abdomen.

Claire Grieve
3 days ago

Have Downstairs Neighbors? Here's A Jump-Free HIIT Workout To Keep The Peace

Because your neighbors might not be enthused by your energetic squat jumps.

Nora Tobin
March 28

You're Probably Doing Front Lunges Wrong — Here's How To Get It Right

If you aren't seeing any sort of results, there may be a good reason why.

Katie Austin
March 25

A 5-Minute Barre Routine To Strengthen & Tone Your Arms Effectively

If you watch a ballet class, the arms are usually at or above shoulder level the entire time.


Feeling Low-Energy? Try Strengthening Your Breathing Muscles

Neglecting these muscles is like going to the gym and spending the whole time doing forearm curls.

A 10-Minute Sleep Yoga Sequence To Prepare Your Body For Shut-Eye

Make the room a calm and soothing space as you prepare for sleep.