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40 Last-Minute Fitness Gifts That'll Arrive By Christmas

Carleigh Ferrante
December 16, 2023
Carleigh Ferrante
mbg Commerce Editor
By Carleigh Ferrante
mbg Commerce Editor
Carleigh Ferrante is the Commerce Editor at mindbodygreen.
best fitness gifts
Image by mbg creative
December 16, 2023

The holidays are quickly approaching, and if you're anything like us, you still have a few people left on your list to shop for. Want to elevate your gifting game while helping your loved ones live a healthier lifestyle? Our team is constantly testing the best fitness products—and we know which ones will be a hit.

Think a foldable BPA-free mat, a weighted vest designed specifically for women, and the most buttery-soft sports bra they'll want to live in. Plus, gifts to help them prioritize recovery (because, yes, it's just as important as movement itself).

Whether your giftee is a fitness fanatic or just starting to prioritize exercise, these are the best fitness gifts to upgrade anyone's movement routine. Just make sure to order by the listed shipping deadline!

HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Mat

$1,100 (was $1,295)
A game-changer in any routine, this cult-favorite PEMF mat is designed to ease muscle soreness, promote relaxation, and accelerate holistic recovery. Use the code MINDBODYGREEN to save 15%.
HigherDose Infrared PEMF Mat

Whoop Fitness Tracker

From $18 per month
A major upgrade in 2023 added AI to the WHOOP, transforming the fitness tracker into a personalized health and fitness coach for just $20 a month.

KLAW 528 Walking Shoes

Help them crush their step goals with these podiatrist-designed walking shoes. According to our editors, they truly feel like walking on clouds. *Order by December 18 & use code MINDBODYGREEN to save 15%.
klaw 528

Hyperice Hypervolt Go 2

This portable-yet-powerful recovery tool loosens knots, targets fatigue, and melts away tension with three vibration speeds. *Order by December 18
hyperice hypervolt go 2

Puma Iconic T7 Women's Track Pants

Sustainable materials: Check; classic design: Check; low price: Check. These track pants are checking all our boxes—and they belong under the tree. *Order by December 18 with expedited shipping
puma track pants

barre3 Membership

$20 per month
Show your loved one a new way to get moving with a membership to barre3 online. Every class combines strength, mindfulness, and cardio into one efficient + effective workout.
barre3 membership

Oura Horizon Ring

From $299
You can't crush your movement goals without prioritizing sleep and recovery. The Oura Ring is a must-have for anyone looking to optimize every aspect of their well-being. *Order by December 20 with expedited shipping
oura ring

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag 1L

This trendy belt bag is designed for movement lovers. It'll fit their keys, phone, wallet, and lip balm—and it's available in six adorable hues. *Order by December 20
lululemon belt bag

Alo Everyday Beanie

A cold weather essential, this chic beanie will keep them warm, toasty, and stylish on daily walks or while running errands. *Order by December 19
alo beanie

Tempo Studio Starter Gym

$1,680 (was $2,915)
Give your loved one everything they need to start their own home gym, plus 12 months of unlimited training. Talk about a way to kickstart their 2024 fitness goals. *Order by December 16
Tempo Studio

Dagne Dover Landon Neoprene Carryall Bag

From $125
If your giftee is particular about fitness apparel and accessories, why not give them something to carry it all in? We love that this carryall comes in five sizes and a slew of colors. *Order by December 17
Dagne Dover Ladon Carryall Bag

JOOLA Essentials Pickleball Set

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America for a reason—and experts have even named it a top hobby for longevity. Plus, it's a ton of fun. This kit has everything you need to get started. *Order by December 20
JOOLA Swift pickleball paddle

Girlfriend Woods Long Recycled Puffer

Nothing dampers a movement routine more than frigid winter temperatures. This recycled puffer is perfect for your outdoor fitness junkies (and even better for your earth-loving friends). *Order by December 15
girlfriend collective recycled puffer

Hyperice Normatec Go Boots

$349 (was $399)
These travel-friendly compression boots were a lifesaver during my marathon training this year—and I'd venture to say any fitness lover will use them religiously. *Order by December 18
hyperice normatec go boots

NOBULL Women's Trainer+

Nobull Trainers offer small tweaks—like a wider toe box and low drop—for better stabilization during deadlifts and squats. *Order by December 19
NoBull lifters

mindbodygreen turmeric potency +

Support joint and muscle health with a powerful combination of turmeric, ginger, and black pepper delivered in a bioavailable, 2-capsule dose.*

Therabody Wave Solo

$59 (was $79)
This tiny vibrating device is as portable as they come, but it doesn’t skimp on power. Your giftee will love how it hits those hard-to-reach areas. *Order by December 18 with expedited shipping
therabody wave

Vuori Performance Jogger

They'll live in these buttery soft joggers, perfect for at-home workouts, running errands, or lounging on rest dates. Editor's tip: Grab a pair for yourself, too—you won't regret it. *Order by December 16 with ground shipping or December 20 with express shipping
vuori joggers

HOKA Bondi 8

We've never met anyone (podiatrists included) who doesn't like HOKA's shoes. These kicks are great for runners, walkers, and people who are on their feet all day. *Order by December 18 with expedited shipping
Hoka Bondi 8

YDZJY Walking Pad

Fitness enthusiasts (and all our editors) swear by this foldable walking pad to help them stay active during the work day—and it's on sale for just $200. *Order by December 20
WalkingPad Foldable Treadmill

Built To Move

Mobilization practices, stress-busting breath techniques, nutrition tips—this book is full of wisdom to help everyone with a body (that's you) move better. *Order by December 20

Megababe Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick

Need a perfect stocking stuffer for your running-obsessed friend? Our runner editors are huge fans of this anti-chafe stick (and they will be too). *Order by December 20
megababe anti-chafe stick

Champion Eco Future Reverse Weave Crewneck Sweatshirt

You can never have too many oversized crewnecks—and this one is eco-friendly. We love the pastel colors, too!
champion eco sweatshirt

ON Cloud 5 Shoes

Another clear standout in the sneaker space, these cult-favorite shoes support all forms of movement. Plus, there are a ton of colorways to choose from. *Order by December 18
On Cloud 5

Nike Everyday Plus Cushioned Socks

Why are the simple gifts always the biggest hit? These plush-yet-breathable ankle socks make every workout just a little bit more comfortable. *Order by December 18
Nike Everyday Plus Cushioned Socks

Centr Subscription

$120 for one year
Centr is like a motivating workout buddy and results-driven health coach all wrapped up in one. A subscription to this platform is the ultimate gift for fitness lovers—and you don't have to wait for shipping.

Hydroflask with Flex Straw Cap

Keep liquids cool (or hot) for up to 24 hours with this stainless steel water bottle. *Order by December 18
hydroflask water bottle

Google Pixel Buds A-Series

Tune out at the gym without sacrificing your ear health. These wireless buds monitor hearing wellness with up to 31 hours of listening time per charge. *Order by December 20
google pixel buds pro

Nutribullet Personal Blender

They've got their fitness routine down, now what? Help your loved one prioritize nutrition, too, with this convenient personal blender. *Order by December 20

Daily Harvest

From $138
...or maybe they'd prefer to have a post-workout meal waiting in their fridge. A Daily Harvest subscription makes eating healthy simple.
Daily Harvest

Beyond Yoga Caught In The Midi Leggings

Our editors hoard leggings and these are some of the softest we've felt. Choose from 19 colorways and just be warned: You'll want at least one pair for yourself. *Order by December 17
beyond yoga space dye caught in the midi leggings

Headspace Subscription

$70 for one year
Mental health and physical health go hand-in-hand, but we could all use a little motivation to prioritize the former. Headspace is perfect for meditation newbies and those who have been doing it for years. *Order digital gift card anytime!

Bala Bangles

From $45
These sleek weights can be worn around the ankles or wrists to uplevel a walk or workout. Choose from three weight amounts and multiple colorways. *Order by 12/18
bala bangles

Omorpho G-Vest + 

Omorpho won't limit your range of motion like other weighted vests. Instead the sleek silhouttes hug the body with even weight distribution for a lighter feel. *Order by December 15
Omorpho G-Vest+

TriggerPoint Foam Massage Roller

$37 (was $42)
Massage guns are a must-have, but there's still a place in every fitness lover's heart for a classic foam roller—and this one has over 26,000 five-star ratings to prove it. *Order by December 20
amazon trigger point foam roller

Peluva Women's Strand

Minimalist footwear is surging in popularity, and Peluva is leading the charge with lightweight trainers that encourage the foot’s natural movement.
peluva women's strand

Athleta Conscious Strappy Crop Bra

From $45
This longline crop offers some of the best support you can find from a strappy sports bra—and we can’t get enough of the buttery-soft fabric. *Order by December 18
athleta conscious bra

Act+Acre Plant-Based Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Got a friend who plans their workouts around their hair wash days? This one's for them. This plant-based dry shampoo makes post-exercise hair woes a thing of the past. *Order by December 20
act+acre dry shampoo

BowFlex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell

Strength training is in, and these adjustable kettlebells are a genius space-saver for any home gym. Trust us; any fitness-enthusiast will swoon over this gift. *Order by December 18
Bowflex adjustable kettlebell

Classpass Gift Card

Whether they're new to the fitness scene or they've been in it for years, there's something for everyone on ClassPass. This gift lets them choose their own movement adventure (and socialize in the process). *Order a digital gift card any time!
Classpass gift card

The takeaway

Just because you procrastinated doesn't mean you can't find a great present for your gym-obsessed friend. These last-minute gifts are bound to be a home run for any fitness lover. The best part? You'll be inspiring a healthier 2024—and they'll think of you every step of the way.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications, consult with your doctor before starting a supplement routine. It is always optimal to consult with a health care provider when considering what supplements are right for you.

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