Yoga vs. Pilates

Yoga vs. Pilates: What are the similarities and differences and which one is right for you?


  • Both will tone your body, with a focus on abdominals.
  • Both have a mind/body focus which requires concentration on movement.
  • Both will increase your flexibility
  • Both will help your body's alignment.
  • Both will encourage you to focus on breath.


  • Yoga is typically practiced on a mat or on a comfortable surrounding, like the beach. Pilates can be practiced on a Pilates machine or a mat.
  • Yoga classes are typically 60-90 minutes. Pilates classes are typically 60 minutes.
  • Yoga has a more of a body/spiritual focus. Pilates has more of a body/fitness focus.
  • Yoga will increase your range of motion, sense of well-being, and can reduce stress. Pilates will strengthen your "core" (your abs, torso, and lower spine) and will help you develop long and lean muscles.
  • Yoga will help you learn to control your breath. Pilates will help you learn to better control your posture.

The Verdict

  • If you're looking for a blend of mind, body, and spirit well-being, then yoga is for you.
  • If you're looking for a lean and fit body, without the spiritual component, then Pilates might be more up your alley.

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