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Yoga In Unlikely Places (Gorgeous Slideshow)

Robert Sturman
April 5, 2013
Robert Sturman
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April 5, 2013

I do not consider myself a photographer but rather recognize my calling as an artist celebrating the graceful poetry of the asana. Something as simple as a tree pose inside a jail cell can transform the vibration of a prison. A yoga studio plays host to yoga classes but the vast landscape of our world with all of it's beauty and complexities provides the perfect backdrop for the soul of yoga.

On The Trash - The Santa Monica Recycling Facility

Pictured: Brock Cahill

On A Bridge - NYC's Central Park

Pictured: Emma Magenta

California State Prison - Northern California

Pictured: Kenyattu Claridy

On The Long Island Sound

Pictured: Danielle Brown

By the Barn - Chester, New York

Pictured: Michelle Dawson

On The Dock - New England

Pictured: Megan Marie

On The Dock - Nantucket

Pictured: Caitlin Marcoux

Steven Lustig's Sculpture Studio - California

Pictured: Newton Campbell

On A Horse - Nantucket

Pictured: Ariel Marcoux

In The Onion Fields - Hudson Valley, New York

Pictured: Ben Wisch 

On The Lagoon - Nantucket

Pictured: Caitlin Marcoux

On A Train - Woodstock, New York

Pictured: Michelle Dawson

In The Pacific Ocean - Laguna, California

Pictured: Erin Neely

In Prison - San Quentin

Pictured: Inmates at San Quentin

In The Picasso Wing - Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Pictured: Jamie Horgan

On The Brooklyn Bridge

Pictured: Jen Warakomski
Robert Sturman author page.
Robert Sturman

A dedicated yoga practitioner himself, Sturman's work has increasingly focused on capturing the timeless grace and embodied mindfulness of asana. His portraits, whether set in the lively streets of Manhattan, the expansiveness of Malibu's beaches and canyons, the timeless elegance of Walden's New England, or the bleakness of San Quentin Prison, remind us that there is beauty everywhere. In Sturman's own words "I often think of Rumi: 'I can't stop pointing to the beauty.' That feels right to me."

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