This Shoulder-Opening Move Will Help You Release Stress & Breathe Better

Written by Krysten Peck

Photo by Miachel Breton

Here at mbg, we believe in Mindful Movement. In our video series, we’ll break down various moves designed to help you take care of your physical body and connect you to your emotional and spiritual self. Up today: how to release tension and breathe better, starting with your shoulders.

We hold a lot of tension in our bodies. Oftentimes, stress, burnout, emotional distress, and our sedentary lifestyle habits can trigger muscle stiffness and constriction in our bodies, especially in the tension triangle zone of our bodies, including our shoulders.

If our body is experiencing the physical symptoms of stress, it's most likely that our nervous system is undergoing stress as well. This chain of bodily reactions along with other environmental factors can often hamper our breathing patterns, so it's important to incorporate daily movement exercises to restore and deepen the quality of our breath.

NYC yoga instructor and co-founder of Sky Ting Yoga Chloe Kernaghan is here to help us open up our shoulders and breathe better. In this video, she breaks down a simple shoulder stretch that's great for releasing tight shoulders and opening the chest and lungs.

Looking to learn more about breathwork? Try these exercises to help relieve tension and deepen breaths.

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