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How To Find Your Sun, Moon & Rising Signs + What They All Actually Mean

Sarah Regan
March 18, 2024
Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
By Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.

If you know your sun sign in astrology (or what's often referred to as simply your sign) it might be time to take your astro-knowledge to the next level with your "big 3." Your sun, moon, and rising sign make up your "big 3," and they're thought to be the three most important or "telling" placements in your chart.

Here, we're unpacking how to find yours, plus what all 12 sun, moon, and rising signs really mean.

Sun, moon & rising explained

Before we get started, you'll need to map your birth chart in order to find your big three if you don't know them already. This requires your birthday, time of birth, and location of birth. (And yes, your birth time must be exact to ensure chart accuracy.)

You can find birth chart calculators online, such as this free option from the AstroTwins.

Sun sign meaning

As you might already know, there are 12 signs in the zodiac—each of them a constellation that resides in its own 30-degree portion of the sky. These signs complete the 360-degree chart that depicts Earth's orbit around the sun.

From our perspective on Earth, the sun moves through each of these 30-degree sections of the sky for roughly one month. These are known as the astrological seasons. Your sun sign, then, relates to which astrological season you were born during, i.e., Taurus season (late April to late May) or Virgo season (late August to late September).

Your sun sign in astrology represents your ego, identity, and motivations. It's what fuels you to shine, like the sun itself, in this lifetime, pointing to your individuality, your sense of pride, and how you define yourself.

Moon sign meaning

Your moon sign is where the moon was in the sky at the moment you were born. Where your sun sign relates to your identity and ego, the moon relates more to your inner world and relationship with yourself.

As astrologer Molly Pennington, Ph.D., explains, "The astronomical reality is the moon is always reflecting the sun's light. The sun would be like our self, our identity—and the moon comes along and it reflects that. It holds up a mirror to yourself."

Your moon sign is, therefore, related to your emotions, intuition, and your personal inner world. Understanding your moon sign can help you get to know yourself and your emotions, and it also gives valuable insights into your deepest needs.

As the AstroTwins previously explained to mindbodygreen, "Your moon rules your emotions, your responses, even what you're drawn to sometimes. It's your internal life."

Rising sign (aka ascendant) meaning

Your rising signalso known as your "ascendant," is the zodiac sign that was rising over the eastern horizon when you were born. Where your sun sign relates to the position of the sun relative to the astrological year (i.e., Libra season or Taurus season), your rising sign relates to the position of the sun relative to the time of day. (The sun travels through each sign every day.)

Your rising sign reveals how you interact with the world, from your appearance to your attitude to the first impressions you make on others. For example, the twins explain, a Capricorn sun with a Leo rising will likely exhibit Leo-like traits you wouldn't expect from typical Capricorn energy or may even look more like a Leo.

Your rising sign also determines where your first house of identity falls in your birth chart (your ascendant is always your first house), which sets the stage for the rest of the houses in your chart.

As the twins explain, "The zodiac wheel begins with the first house, [which] governs the self, the identity, and your first impression. The houses then move counterclockwise around the zodiacal wheel and ripple out to broader themes of family/home life, society, and beyond."


  • Ruling planet: Mars
  • Element: Fire
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Glyph: ♈︎
  • Symbolized by: The ram

Aries sun

Aries is the first sign of the astrological year, and as such, is known for being bold, brave, and passionate. Folks with an Aries sun like to initiate things and dive headfirst (like the ram they're symbolized by) into whatever they're passionate about.

This is partly due to their planetary ruler, Mars. As the planet of desire, action, war, and heat, Mars is responsible for lots of the traits we associate with Aries.

These people aren't afraid to take risks, be direct and straightforward, and follow their determination, but they can also be impatient and impulsive, so it behooves them to slow down once in a while. They can also come off as a bit insensitive, so it's important for Aries suns to know their audience and consider other people's feelings.

Aries moon

Aries moons, according to Pennington, are passionate people—and even a bit reckless. Aries is a fire sign, after all, and its modality is also "cardinal," meaning it likes to get the ball rolling.

Being the first astrological sign of the zodiac, Aries energy embodies childlike exuberance and enthusiasm, and as Pennington explains, an Aries moon can be quick to start but quick to burn out, as well, whether that's in love, when they're angry, etc.

"They'll kind of cycle through things fast, so their mood will change quickly," she tells mindbodygreen, adding, "It's able to recover quickly too. An Aries Moon is just active. It's not going to be passive or wait."

Aries rising

Aries actually rules the first house of identity in astrology, so having an Aries rising is like a double dose of Aries energy.

As an Aries rising, people likely see you as excitable, fun, brave, and potentially impulsive. You can even come off as intimidating or immature, as you may have somewhat of a "my-way-or-the-highway" attitude about you.

And in terms of your appearance, Aries risings are known to have athletic builds, childlike faces, square jaws, and distinct facial features.


  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Element: Earth
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Glyph: ♉
  • Symbolized by: The bull

Taurus sun

Taurus is the second sign of the astrological year, and is associated with the pleasures of life. Its ruling planet, Venus influences this sign's appreciation for luxuries simple and extravagant, whether that's a cozy night at home, a fancy five-course meal, or the beauty of the natural world.

It is an earth sign, after all, so "slow and steady wins the race" could be considered the motto for Taurus suns. But it's also a fixed sign, and the combination of fixed-earth gives Taureans a reputation for being super stubborn.

There are definitely benefits to Taurus' slow-burning energy, but sometimes these folks need a little help to really get going so they don't stay stagnant too long.

Taurus moon

Taurus moons are going to be very sensory-oriented people, according to Pennington. Keep in mind that this earth sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure—and that's what a Taurus moon is going to prioritize.

"It's stable and fixed, almost like there's a business of savoring all of the things that give pleasure," Pennington explains to mindbodygreen, adding that she imagines a baby Aries moon would want to wiggle out of their blankets, while a baby Taurus moon would be content to stay swaddled.

"The Taurus moon is naturally appreciative. They're not going to be quick to rage—or to say 'I love you,'" she says. "They're gonna take their sweet time."

Taurus rising

If you're a Taurus rising, you're naturally going to give off the earthy, grounded, laid-back energy of Taurus. You have a sensual, strong, and potentially stubborn demeanor, but people are often attracted to you.

You can thank Venus as your chart ruler for that, with Taurus risings often having dark features and thick and/or curly hair. And that beauty translates to the things you like as well, whether it's interior design, food, clothing, or anything earthly and material.

Overall, Taurus risings come off as solid and dependable. As astrology expert Christopher Renstrom, explains, "What you see is really what you get with Taurus risings," adding, "They're very comfortable in their own skin, and they project reliability, consistency, and calm under pressure."


  • Ruling planet: Mercury
  • Element: Air
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Glyph: ♊
  • Symbolized by: The twins

Gemini sun

Gemini is the third sign of the astrological year, and the first mutable sign, meaning it's quick, adaptable, and ever-shifting. Some people confused this energy for being "two-faced," and while Gemini is represented by the twins, it's a bit more nuanced than that.

These people are chatty, curious, and cerebral, with mental Mercury steering their ship. While this can make them seem flighty or unreliable, Gemini suns want to experience and learn everything they can. They have a ton of energy, so they're almost always ready to move onto the next thing.

As such, it can be important for them to slow down and ground their energy and, further, to appreciate where they're at before they jump to what's next.

Gemini moon

With the moon in Gemini, you're going to have a person who is constantly changing or shifting—much like the moon itself, Pennington tells mindbodygreen.

With Gemini being an air sign ruled by Mercury, she notes, "There's a sense of bouncing from thing to thing, and a head full of ideas, thoughts, and intellectual stuff."

These quick-witted folks are fast on their feet too, she says, noting that the word "scheming" comes to mind. "They're independent because they have it built in—they're symbolized by a twin, so this sense of duality is just more ingrained in them," Pennington explains.

Gemini rising

Gemini is known to have the gift of gab, and Gemini risings are no exception, thanks to Mercury as their planetary ruler. These folks love to dissect, analyze, collect data, and share that information with others—so they can come off as very intelligent, knowledgeable, and even humorous, if not a bit loquacious.

This sign is also symbolized by the twins, representing Gemini's dual nature, which allows them to be adaptable and ever-changing. However, this can sometimes come off as fickle, flighty, or two-faced to people who don't get it.

You can spot a Gemini rising by their expressive, animated communication style, along with their face shape, which is typically elongated.


  • Ruling planet: the Moon
  • Element: Water
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Glyph: ♋
  • Symbolized by: The crab

Cancer sun

Cancer is the fourth sign of the astrological year, and the first water sign of the bunch. Right off the bat, the word most associated with Cancer suns is "sensitive," but that doesn't just mean they're crybabies. (Although, yes, they do have a capacity for quite the waterworks show.)

Their sensitivity goes beyond expressing emotions to how tuned in they are to others. These are extremely caring and nurturing folks, with Cancer being thought of as the "mama bear" of the zodiac. Cancer suns place high importance on emotional safety, both for themselves but also those they hold dear.

And being a cardinal sign, Cancer suns are also associated with beginnings, origins, and the waters of the womb. These folks are all about growth, nourishment, and comfort.

Cancer moon

People often refer to Cancer as the archetypal "mother" of the zodiac, as it strongly embodies nurturing, caretaking energy. And those with Cancer moons sign will likely display that, Pennington says, adding that the moon actually rules the sign of Cancer, so it feels very at home here.

"A Cancer moon is going to be a kind of representation of nurturing, of taking care of all of the things that we need for basic survival, as well as emotional needs," she tells mindbodygreen.

Cancer moons also aren't going to avoid or be scared of anything emotional, being a water sign. "A Cancer moon is OK with crying all the time—crying over things that are sad, crying over things that give us joy—because it's always about expressing freely, whatever it is," Pennington explains.

Cancer rising

Cancer risings are very likely to be the ultimate homebodies. These folks are very in touch with their emotions, so much so that they can get swept up in them. In fact, with the moon as the chart ruler (and the moon cycling through the zodiac signs relatively quickly) a Cancer rising's mood is subject to change—and quickly.

Cancer risings often give off a very nurturing vibe, with a sensitive disposition to boot. Their faces often even mimic these sensitivities, through round, soft, and somehow comforting features.

But don't be fooled; Cancer risings also have the capacity to get in your head—because they're so sensitive to others' emotions.


  • Ruling planet: the Sun
  • Element: Fire
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Glyph: ♌
  • Symbolized by: The Lion

Leo sun

Leo is the fifth sign of the astrological year, and like the lion its represented by, Leo suns are showstoppers. Known for being dramatic, expressive, and maybe a bit proud, Leos are fierce and regal.

They also tend to be full of primal, creative energy. This is a sign that embodies the fire that lives within us all, and Leo wants to see and be seen, just like the sun that rules it. That's why Leo is also associated with visibility, attention, courage, generosity, and creative impulses.

Leo energy is easy to spot because it demands attention. As such, Leo's need to make sure their pride doesn't come back to bite them, but nevertheless, these folks want to feel cherished and loved so they can reflect that love back out.

Leo moon

A Leo moon makes for an interesting placement, according to Pennington, because Leo is ruled by the sun. "So it's a sun-moon, and it's a fire moon," she says, adding that this placement really thrives on recognition and admiration above all.

"There's this primacy of knowing, I am to be nurtured; I am to receive the attention that I desire. There's a natural sense of them getting themselves across to their audience or to the world—and then also receiving attention back," she explains.

This is also a fairly optimistic moon placement, and as such, these people will likely be joyful and fun-loving. And with the right person, according to Pennington, Leo moons can mirror that admiration and worship right back to their partner.

Leo rising

Leo is quite the showy sign to begin with, so a Leo rising will likely not be difficult to spot. A fixed fire sign ruled by the sun, Leo risings have a noble, dignified, and proud demeanor, holding themselves with much confidence and importance. As you may have guessed, they have no problem being in the spotlight either.

This sign is symbolized by the lion, after all—the king of the jungle! And that's exactly the kind of attitude you can expect from a Leo rising. The lionlike qualities can translate to appearance as well, whether it's a thick mane of hair or a generally regal appearance.


  • Ruling planet: Mercury
  • Element: Earth
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Glyph: ♍
  • Symbolized by: The virgin

Virgo sun

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, and easily one of the more misunderstood signs of the zodiac. Virgo suns get a reputation for being nitpicking, hyper-organized perfectionists, but the reality is, Virgo is the sign of devotion and service.

Virgos strive for perfection because they're constantly finding ways to improve things for themselves and others. Where some people can take offense from Virgo trying to "fix" them, Virgo believes they're only trying to help.

With mental Mercury ruling this sign, Virgo suns are analytical and detail-oriented, despite being a yin (feminine) earth sign, so they need to watch out for intellectualizing their emotions. But being mutable-earth, as well, Virgo suns are witty, adaptable, and less stubborn than their other earth sign counterparts.

Virgo moon

Few moon signs are steadier than the Virgo moon, which Pennington notes is "not apt to be swept away by nonsense or things that are shallow."

"The Virgo moon has a knack for seeing exactly what she needs, and they'll have the ability to scrutinize that [thanks to] Mercury with a good head on their shoulders," Pennington tells mindbodygreen, adding that this placement appreciates a love language that takes care of practical needs.

For instance, instead of emotionally consoling a crying Virgo moon, she notes, they would prefer you just hand them the tissues. Virgo energy is also known for being quite critical, which in a moon placement, can translate to being critical of oneself.

Virgo rising

The other Mercury-ruled sign along with Gemini is Virgo, which is a mutable earth sign symbolized by the Virgin. In the same way that Virgo is associated with things like health, service, and precision, Virgo risings give off a very clean, refined, and elegant vibe.

To others, they might seem particularly organized and even critical—but it's always because Virgo energy just wants to make things the best they can be. Not everyone will appreciate a Virgo rising's eye for improvement, but you can be sure this placement only really wants to help.

And as far as what they look like, they may opt for an intellectual, almost preppy look, and often have subtle and soft features.


  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Element: Air
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Glyph: ♎
  • Symbolized by: The scales

Libra sun

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, and has a reputation for being the most relationship-oriented sign. This can be a blessing and a curse for Libra suns, who know how to be diplomatic and keep the peace but can also compromise themselves for the sake of others.

Represented by the scales of justice, Libra suns place high importance on harmony. While they try to avoid conflict as much as possible, when it comes to standing up for what they believe is right, they will put up one hell of a fight.

Ultimately, though, with the planet of love ruling this sign, Libra prefers to keep things light and pleasurable. These folks are your beauty gurus, your fashionistas, and your culture fanatics. Art, music, and all things aesthetically pleasing make these people tick.

Libra moon

The name of the game for folks with their moon in Libra is harmonious connections. "The Libra Moon is like the ultimate hostess. Its love language is about connection, and I think that's because it's ruled by Venus," Pennington tells mindbodygreen.

She notes that people with this moon placement are naturally very charming and also appreciate being charmed by people and things. Their energy could be described as flirtatious and almost sparkly, she says, adding that Libra moons are well attuned to social graces and keeping the vibe light.

And being symbolized by the scales, Libra moons will also strive for balance in their lives, including in their relationships. "A Libra moon would give love by listening, but then they need a partner who will also listen to them," Pennington adds.

Libra rising

The other sign ruled by Venus, along with Taurus, is Libra. And just like Taurus risings, Libra risings are also known to be physically attractive, thanks to their chart ruler.

As a cardinal air sign symbolized by the scales, Libra risings prerogative is typically to keep the peace—balance the scales, if you will.

Libra risings are also known for being graceful, flirtatious, and even indecisive (thanks to all that air). People often find them charming, friendly, and easy to get along with, and just like Taurus, the Venusian energy of Libra makes Libra risings particularly tasteful in terms of their style, hair, décor, makeup, etc.


  • Ruling planet: Pluto
  • Element: Water
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Glyph: ♏
  • Symbolized by: The scorpion

Scorpio sun

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and is easily the most mysterious (and simultaneously alluring) sign of the zodiac. That's because it's associated with the eighth house of transformation, death and rebirth, and sex.

Scorpio is associated with Pluto (the planet of destruction and renewal) in modern astrology, but in ancient astrology, it was linked with Mars, the planet of aggression and—you guessed it—sex. So for Scorpio suns, they like to keep their cards close to their chest, but if you've earned their trust, they are incredibly loyal and protective.

Scorpio suns are also creative and passionate, sometimes to the point of obsession, thanks to being a fixed-water sign. These folks may look calm on the surface, but they carry a palpable emotional depth under the surface if you look closely.

Scorpio moon

Just as the Scorpion that symbolizes Scorpio comes with its own built-in armor, so, too, do Scorpio moons. These folks are careful, private, and well equipped with boundaries and "weapons," Pennington tells mindbodygreen.

And while having a Scorpio moon is typically regarded as a more challenging placement, she adds that Scorpio moons are ultimately able to regulate their emotions in a healthy way because they're discerning and also know how to dig deep.

"Scorpio is able to understand all of the ways emotions can go wrong...but the good thing about a Scorpio moon is that it's rebellious and not scared of fighting," Pennington explains, adding, "Many people don't say what they mean, or they avoid emotions because they're not OK with conflict, but a Scorpio moon is built for that."

Scorpio rising

Your typical Scorpio rising will likely have an air of mystery to them, as a fixed water sign ruled by Pluto (the planet of death, sex, and the occult). Symbolized by the scorpion, this sign is known to keep its guard up, and you'll probably find that in a Scorpio rising.

While they can be difficult to open up, once they do, Scorpio risings are committed, loyal, and sensitive to others' emotions. They may come off as too intense to the wrong person; meanwhile, others will be inexplicably attracted to their brooding energy.

And if you want to spot one, look for dark features, a serious expression, and the telltale, piercing Scorpio stare.


  • Ruling planet: Jupiter
  • Element: Fire
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Glyph: ♐
  • Symbolized by: the Archer

Sagittarius sun

If you know a Sagittarius sun, they could probably win one of two awards—or both: "Life of the party" and "Most likely to put their foot in their mouth." As the ninth sign of the astrological year and the final fire sign, their motto might as well be "devil may care," and if you don't like it, that's too bad.

Like the archer Sagittarius is symbolized by, Sag suns are always striving to push the limit and the envelope, prioritizing growth, expansion, and reaching new heights. They're adventurous, free-spirited, and often have a visionary attitude that can make more traditional folks feel a bit nervous.

But for Sagittarius, they won't be held back by limited thinking or preconceived notions. Ultimately, they're thinking about the big picture, always seeking higher wisdom and knowledge.

Sagittarius moon

If your moon is in Sagittarius, according to Pennington, you're likely an adventurous person—and that's in terms of the experiences you have but also your relationships, career, and even interests. Variety is the name of game here.

As Pennington explains, Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion, philosophy, growth, and luck. So having the moon here, she says, makes for someone who's always looking for new experiences.

They have an insatiable curiosity, and where a Scorpio moon might analyze one thing incessantly, for example, a Sagittarius moon would be more likely to examine something briefly and then move to the next thing. And they like it that way, according to Pennington, who notes Sag moons are typically upbeat, happy, and cheerful people.

Sagittarius rising

If you're looking for a travel partner, look no further than a Sagittarius rising. This mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter is best known for its sense of freedom, expansion, and adventure, and this energy comes across when interacting with Sag risings.

While they may not be the most tactful people you've ever met, you can at least trust they'll give it to you straight—and usually in a cheerful way.

In terms of their appearance, Sag risings can be spotted by their open, expressive faces, inviting smiles, and optimistic attitude. They'll probably also be game to change plans or switch gears at the drop of a hat, and have a lot of energy for various activities. And because their chart ruler is the planet of luck—you guessed it—Sag risings are a lucky bunch.


  • Ruling planet: Saturn
  • Element: Earth
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Glyph: ♐
  • Symbolized by: The sea goat

Capricorn sun

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the astrological year and is known for being ambitious, dedicated, and serious but also authentic and wise. Like the sea goat that represents this sign, Capricorn suns have the tenacity to swim to the lowest of depths and climb the tallest of mountains (figuratively, of course).

Saturn, the planet that rules Capricorn, also rules the wisdom of old age. As such, Capricorn suns tend to be very aware of what's timeless and what's just passing through. For example, they're not going to fall for the latest fad or jump on a bandwagon just because everyone else is doing it.

We often think of Capricorns as high achievers or business-oriented workhorses, but they can have great spiritual depth as well. It's the job of the Capricorn to strike a balance between these two realms of earthly achievements and spiritual truth.

Capricorn moon

Having your moon in Capricorn makes for a very solid moon placement. Being a cardinal earth sign, Pennington explains that Capricorn has a "serious stability" to it and likes to see real, tangible results in their life, whether it's in their relationships or jobs.

This moon placement wouldn't be one for short flings, for example, and prefers tightly bound commitments that leave nothing up in the air. As Pennington puts it, "Capricorn is really about lasting commitment once it finally decides or gets around to it," adding that these folks may be slow to say how they feel, but their feelings run super deep.

This is also a placement that really wants to provide for the people they care about but in practical, material ways, as opposed to emotional (which would be the case for a Cancer moon), Pennington notes.

Capricorn rising

If you want to spot a Capricorn rising, look for the person in the room working the hardest and wearing a practical outfit to match. This no-frills placement is a reflection of Capricorn energy, which is characterized by cardinal earth, symbolized by the sea goat, and ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline, structure, and limitation.

While having a Capricorn rising isn't the easiest placement, it makes for an incredibly strong and solid person who likely comes off as responsible, mature, and intelligent. While they may push themselves (and potentially others) really hard on the road to success, it's because they know how to get there.

Capricorn risings often have small but defined facial features and are known to have dark, straight hair.


  • Ruling planet: Uranus
  • Element: Air
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Glyph: ♒
  • Symbolized by: The water bearer

Aquarius sun

As we start winding down the astrological year, we have Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac. Aquarius suns tend to be ahead of the times, always looking forward with a cool, almost aloof perspective. As such, they're sometimes labeled as the archetypal outsiders or eclectics of the zodiac.

Represented by the water-bearer, people often mistake Aquarius for a water sign, but they are, in fact, an air sign. As the water-bearer, Aquarius' task in this life is to hold the emotions of the world and then let them flow on, providing a safe container for those emotions to blossom into a brighter vision for the future.

As such, these folks are known for being humanitarian, placing high importance on the collective and the larger path of humanity. They are a fixed sign, so they can have a stubborn streak—and that's because they're positive you just can't see their vision...yet.

Aquarius moon

The last of the air signs, Aquarius energy has a certain detachment to it, according to Pennington, who says Aquarius moons are able to "look at things from above" and likely have an eccentric streak.

"For each Aquarius moon," she says, "it's probably going to be something different and eccentric and idiosyncratic to that particular person—so it can be unpredictable in that way—and their love language is really their quirkiness that they want someone to notice and appreciate."

Pennington also tells mbg that Aquarius moons are typically avant-garde artist types who are independent, humanitarian-minded, somewhat aloof, and require plenty of mental stimulation (like all air moons).

Aquarius rising

Aquarius is easily the most "out-of-this-world" sign, so Aquarius risings are probably going to be the quirkiest people in the room, appearing with a strong sense of individuality.

When you meet an Aquarius rising, they may seem a bit cold, aloof, and even neurotic on the surface, but crack them open a bit and you'll find they're actually deeply concerned with humanity, very intelligent, and simply revel in their uniqueness.

Along with having an eccentric sense of style, they're also known to have relatively larger foreheads and eyes.


  • Ruling planet: Neptune
  • Element: Water
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Glyph: ♓
  • Symbolized by: The fish

Pisces sun

Pisces is the final sign of the astrological year before Aries season kicks off the next year, so you can think of Pisces as being "close to the veil," as it were. Considered the most psychic sign, Pisces suns are sensitive to what's unseen, as well as what's unsaid—but that also makes them susceptible to delusion and naivete.

These people are almost endlessly understanding and empathetic, which is a beautiful gift; however, the wrong people will take advantage of this kindness, and Pisces suns need to be wary of this.

Watery Pisces is also a mutable sign, with Pisces season happening when winter is turning to spring in the Northern Hemisphere, making way for new life. This mutability means that Pisces is adaptable and ever-changing.

Pisces moon

Pisces moons are known for being a particularly psychic or intuitive astrological placement. According to Pennington, a sense of spirituality or mysticism will be ingrained in most Pisces moons.

"Everything is mystical, paradoxical, imaginative, and dreamy to them," she explains, adding that they have a strong appetite for imagination and the arts. "A Pisces moon is anti-normal, anti-rigidity, anti-anything kind of like basic. So they would be inspired and nurtured by things like music or anything creative."

This moon placement also needs to be cognizant of staying grounded in reality, as fantastical thinking can wind up getting them hurt, Pennington notes. "This moon needs a protection that they don't have built in, but they are capable of regeneration, survival, and joy," she says.

Pisces rising

Pisces risings are a dreamy, sweet, and soulful bunch. A water sign ruled by Neptune (the planet of dreams and psychic awareness but also illusion), Pisces risings are typically characterized as daydreamers who are emotional and potentially a bit naive.

This is a sign symbolized by fish, which notably have no protection (unlike Cancer's crab or Scorpio's scorpion), which is a good metaphor to explain the way Pisces risings swim in their emotional depths with no safety net. This makes them very compassionate, but sometimes too much compassion can leave them vulnerable.

Spot them by looking for soulful, round eyes, a graceful demeanor, and an overall ethereal vibe.

The takeaway

Now that you've learned all about your big three, you can graduate to understanding your entire birth chart! While your sun, moon, and rising signs are an important piece of the puzzle, you don't want to leave out the other planets, which can tell you even more about your motivations, your relationships, and even your career.

But if nothing else, the next time someone asks you what your big three are, you'll know exactly what to tell them.

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Love Languages

Love & Relationships | Esther Perel

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Messages About Love & Relationships

Love Languages

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