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Do You Know Your Mars Sign? Here's What It Really Means About Your Energy & Sex Life

Sarah Regan
March 13, 2023
Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
By Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.

You may know your sun sign, and even your rising sign—but when you look at your whole birth chart, all of the planets matter. And in the case of Mars, this fiery red planet relates to how you approach taking action, what motivates you, and yes, even what turns you on.

Depending on where Mars is in your birth chart (here's how to find it, btw), you can learn a lot about your own primal, fiery side. Here's a breakdown of Mars in all 12 signs.

Mars in Aries

Mars is at its prime in Aries, as Aries is actually the sign that Mars itself rules. According to astrologer Desiree Roby Antila, people with Mars in Aries are super active, competitive, and probably really value physical activity, whether it's sports or hitting the gym. All that physical activity can also make them accident-prone because they're always moving so fast, she adds.

"Mars in Aries is definitely a pure, high-powered energy," she tells mindbodygreen, adding that these people are bold, courageous, and independent overachievers. "They're very headstrong with a high initiative, drive, enthusiasm—and sometimes maybe even overly aggressive, just because Mars is a very aggressive planet," Roby Antila notes.

And in terms of how they approach their sex life, they have no problem going for it without a second thought. As Roby Antila explains, they can be impulsive, and if they want something, there's no holding back.

Mars in Taurus

Mars in Taurus has a much different flavor than Mars in Aries, but one thing they do share is their determination. As Roby Antila explains, people with a Taurus Mars are incredibly patient and know how to persevere to reach a goal. "They don't give up like—they're just very headstrong—and they have a more slow and steady approach," she says, adding that they're very thoughtful and methodical, striving for quality.

They can also be, of course, stubborn, which is a telltale Taurus trait. Any of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) in Mars are going to be more stubborn, Roby Antila explains, and Taurus Mars tend to be stubborn about their habits and routines. "So once these people get into like a habit, it's very hard for them to break it," she notes.

When it comes to the bedroom, they may not be as impulsive as your Aries Mars, Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen, but they are sensual (hello, earth signs) and like to take their sweet time when acting on their urges.

Mars in Gemini

If your Mars is in Gemini, Roby Antila says this is a placement that fares pretty well because Mars is active, and so is Gemini as a sign. That activity, however, is often mental for Gemini, with Roby Antila explaining that they have a quick wit and know how to think on their feet. "They grasp information quickly and are usually really high energy, getting bored easily and a little bit restless," she explains.

They may even seem scattered, like they're somehow everywhere and nowhere at the same time. "But if they can channel that scattered energy, they can actually be incredible at multitasking, and they have a lot of interests, so these people are also versatile and they're always one step ahead," she adds.

They love to figure things out, work with their hands (Gemini rules the hands), and flex their mental fortitude. This, of course, stands true in their sex life, with Roby Antila noting that a mental connection is essential for these people to want to open up physically.

Mars in Cancer

Moving on to Mars in Cancer, this is one sign where Mars is a bit uncomfortable and is actually considered in its "fall." A planet is in its fall when it's in the opposite sign of where it's "exalted." In this case, Mars is exalted in Capricorn, so it's in fall in Cancer.

As Roby Antila explains, "Mars doesn't prefer to use emotion; it prefers to just use action without emotion—but when it's in Cancer, it has to, because Cancer forces it to use emotion," adding that everything with Cancer Mars people has an emotional undertone. "They can get very wrapped up in a project or an idea or a relationship, so they get frustrated when things don't go to plan," she says.

Having a Cancer Mars isn't all bad, though, with these people being natural leaders, family and relationship-oriented, and often amazing cooks in the kitchen (Cancer loves a comfy home!).

And in terms of their sex life, Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen, the three things that turn a Cancer Mars on most are emotional safety, physical or financial stability, and prioritizing family and home life.

Mars in Leo

Leo, the fixed-fire sign, does well with Mars' energy and passion. According to Roby Antila, people with a Leo Mars have a lot of confidence, initiative, motivation, and determination all around. "They probably have powerful careers in big positions because they like to be the kings and queens—the people who are on the top," she adds.

With tremendous willpower and enthusiasm, and a natural ability to lead, they do need to watch out for pushing people too much, but when balanced, they can be very inspiring, generous, and loyal. "They're very, very generous people, and because Leo rules the fifth house of creativity, they're also very creative," she adds.

Their regal heir translates to their sex life as well, with Leo Mars expecting high class and quality—someone who can rule with them by their side. They will be adoring partners, but also want someone who will adore them right back.

Mars in Virgo

When you hear Mars in Virgo, think busybodies who are super efficient, and not ones for lazy streaks. As Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen, they're the people making itineraries on vacation, knocking out all their chores on a Saturday morning, and generally working hard at everything they do with strong attention to detail.

Similar to Gemini, though, Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is a very mental and intellectual planet. So, Roby Antila explains, they can have some of that same scattered, frenetic energy. Virgo also tends to be worrisome, so having Mars here can lead to getting too hung up on details and missing the big picture and having a hard time relaxing, she adds.

As you might imagine, having a hard time relaxing doesn't always lend itself well to sex, with Roby Antila saying, "Virgo tries to analyze everything, and there's not a lot of like feeling and emotion there, so these people need to learn to let go—or they need to have a partner who allows them to relax." The name of the game with these folks is to stop stressing, get out of their heads, and get into their bodies.

Mars in Libra

As aforementioned, Mars is in its fall in Cancer, and there's one other sign it doesn't totally love being in: Libra. Mars is in "detriment" in Libra, with "detriment" meaning the planet is in the opposite sign of the sign it rules. In this case, Mars rules Aries, and Aries and Libra are opposites on the zodiac wheel.

The reason Mars can be a bit uncomfortable here is that it likes to do things a bit selfishly, where Libra is selfless. For Libra Mars people, socializing, working with people, cooperation, and harmony are all top priorities. To that end, having Mars in Libra can also result in people being too accommodating and neglecting their own wants and needs.

And like the other air signs, Libra is big on mental stimulation. "They love a debate, they love to chat, and they love to be with other people," she explains, adding that injustice and unfairness are the easiest way to ruffle their feathers.

When it comes to their sex lives, Roby Antila notes, they want a sense of friendship, flirtation, and camaraderie with their lovers, with an emphasis on lightheartedness and sweetness.

Mars in Scorpio

Nowadays, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, but back in the Hellenistic astrology days, it was actually ruled by Mars. That said, Mars feels right at home in Scorpio, and it makes sense—Scorpio is the sign that rules sex, and Mars is definitely a passionate planet.

As Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen, folks with Mars in Scorpio are relentless, with ability to get through, around, over, and under any obstacle. "They have a really strong drive, but again, they're fixed, so whenever Mars is in a fixed sign, it tends to make the person pretty stubborn," she adds. This can look like having a hard time letting things go, holding grudges, being vengeful, etc., which is telltale Scorpio energy. They also have a tendency to push themselves to the point of burnout, which is something to watch out for.

And if you have a Scorpio Mars lover, expect intensity, Roby Antila says. This is a placement that wants deep, intimate, soul-level connections—nothing superficial here, thank you very much.

Mars in Sagittarius

If your Mars is in Sagittarius, you're probably a really fun person with strong philosophical beliefs around the human condition. As Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen, these folks can talk your ear off about philosophy, or they might try to reel you into a night out or a spontaneous getaway.

"They have a very idealistic, optimistic attitude, but it's not always necessarily realistic," she notes, adding that Sag Mars folks are often risk-takers but tend to be pretty lucky, too. "Out of all the signs, Sagittarius is for sure the luckiest, and so they don't mind taking a risk—they'll take a chance on anything," she adds.

Mars in Sagittarius tends also to be versatile, easygoing, adventurous, and courageous, with Roby Antila noting that they love a physical and mental challenge. And while they may struggle with execution, they also have great ideas.

And as far as their sex lives go, that adventurous spirit and physical stamina hold true. "They have a lot of energy and need a lot of physical connection," she adds.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn is a great placement because Capricorn is exalted in Mars, which essentially just means it is dignified and firing at full power here. "This is Mars' favorite place to be because Mars delights in the dark and it does really, really well in Capricorn," Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen.

Not only are Cap Mars people motivated, ambitious, and direct, but they tend to have good career status and financial security. And even if they don't have it right now, you can bet they're working toward success. Unlike your Sag Mars folks, Mars in Capricorn is also not a risk-taker, preferring to be cautious and conservative. "They're very calculated, and they're hard workers," Roby Antila explains, adding that they're also responsible, disciplined, and mature, making excellent corporate employees and entrepreneurs.

And sexually, she says, these people tend to be really selective when getting into relationships. "They have very, very high walls around their heart. They're selective because they fully understand that who they surround themselves with will affect how they rise up in the world or become who they want to be," she explains.

Mars in Aquarius

Moving on to Mars in Aquarius, which is a fixed-air sign, there's an interesting combination of stubbornness and higher consciousness. As Roby Antila explains, they're typically independent and determined people, and you'll probably hear them say, "I'll do it myself."

"They probably have a hard time letting other people help them, but they're also drawn to people," she explains, adding that Aquarius loves groups and being social. "Depending on the day, they could want to be alone or want to be in a group. They charge up by themselves, but they love being humanitarians and like being involved in any sort of, like, philanthropic," Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen.

They also tend to have a bit of an unusual or quirky streak, with strong mental energy and unconventional, imaginative thoughts and ideas. When it comes to their sex lives, this tends to translate, with these people liking other oddballs and prioritizing a strong friendship before things turn romantic.

Mars in Pisces

Last but never least, we have Mars in Pisces, who are going to be some of the most compassionate people you'll ever meet, according to Roby Antila. They're so compassionate, in fact, that they direct a lot of their energy into helping other people, or contributing to a cause. "Anything you need from them, they'll do it for you," she adds.

They can be disorganized, preferring to go with the flow of what they feel, but they do have a lot of artistic, creative talent, being drawn to things like art and music. They follow their hearts and intuition and have a lot of inner strength, but as Roby Antila says, "They just have to tap into their strength and learn it and create boundaries for themselves and channel that strength."

Emotions are strong for these people, and so an emotional connection is key for these people to open up sexually. As Roby Antila notes, they prefer a dreamy, soft approach that feels natural without having to force anything.

The takeaway.

From how you approach work, to sex, to your own personal energy, Mars is the planet to clue you in to how you operate. Understanding your Mars sign—and the aspects it forms to other planets in your chart—can reveal a lot about what motivates you and how you can best apply your energy.

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Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, a registered yoga instructor, and an avid astrologer and tarot reader. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from State University of New York at Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.