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A Breakdown Of All 12 Venus Signs & What They Mean For Love & Relationships

Sarah Regan
Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
By Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.
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You may know your sun sign, and even your rising sign—but when you look at your whole birth chart, all of the planets matter. And in the case of Venus, this lovey-dovey planet relates to how you approach relationships, what brings you pleasure, and even how you handle money.

Depending on where Venus is in your birth chart (here's how to find it, btw), you can learn a lot about your own romantic side. Here's a breakdown of Venus in all 12 signs.

What is Venus all about?

Each of the planets in astrology govern different things, with Venus relating to love, relationships, money, and attraction. According to astrologer and author of Sun Signs in LoveDesiree Roby Antila, your Venus sign can not only tell you what you're attracted to, but also how you best give and receive love, and how you make yourself and others happy.

"Venus really symbolizes our urge to share with others, and our desire for harmony, and to love and be loved," Roby Antila explains, adding that this benefic planet also deals with money. "It can show us a lot how we can make and obtain money, and even whether we're good with money—like whether we keep it or prefer spending it," she notes.

Besides just which sign your Venus is in, other considerations with this planet include which house it falls in for you (i.e. Venus in the fifth house could indicate a dramatic and expressive approach to love), as well as any significant aspects Venus is making to other planets in your chart (i.e. Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces could indicate illusions around love).

All that said, here are the basics of the 12 Venus signs.

Venus in Aries

According to Roby Antila, people who have Venus in Aries love the thrill of new love. With Aries being a cardinal sign, this energy is all about getting the ball rolling—but that doesn't always mean they can sustain it. "They definitely need a partner who keeps them on their toes, who keeps things fresh," she explains, adding that passion and spontaneity are big priorities for this Venus placement.

"They can be self centered—they're almost more interested in their own desires than that of their partners—so cooperation, communication, and compromise are the solution," Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen, adding that what they may lack in selflessness, they can make up for in generosity.

And according to the AstroTwins, another thing to know about Venus in Aries is that Venus is technically "in detriment" here (because Aries is the opposite sign of Libra, and Venus rules Libra). This just means that Venus doesn't exactly feel "at home" here, with the twins noting that this placement may have to "sift through a few more twists and turns than most before you figure out Cupid’s formula for success."

Venus in Taurus

Unlike Venus in Aries, Venus feels right at home in Taurus, being the other sign (along with Libra) that this planet rules. As Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen, people with Venus in Taurus are warm, loving, affectionate. "They're like a true romantic—this is a beautiful placement for Venus because it at home here," she notes.

When it comes to commitment and loyalty, those are high on the list of priorities, Roby Antila says, adding that this placement wants to feel comfort, security, and general coziness. "They're also very focused on financial and material security, which is why they're really hard workers," she explains.

And as the twins note, this placement is generally considered lucky (along with Venus in Libra) because when Venus is in its "home signs," people tend to have an easier time in the love and relationships department. "You’re one of Cupid’s darlings and, whether you care to admit it or not, a hopeless romantic to the core," they add.

Venus in Gemini

If you have Venus in Gemini, variety and excitement are the name of the game for you. As the twins explain, dualistic Gemini can run hot and cold—and fluctuate quickly—so they want to be with someone who's exciting, and further, keep a stimulating conversation going. (Gemini is a very mental sign, after all.)

According to Roby Antila, don't be surprised if you're someone who likes to date more than one person or have a wide social circle. "They can often remain single for a long time until they find their best friend that intellectually stimulates them," she tells mindbodygren, adding that these folks are charming, flirtatious, and intellectual. "They're also great in sales because they're good communicators, so their financial luck can manifest through bargaining," she adds.

Ultimately, this is a Venus placement that wants to be excited by their lover—but can have a hard time sustaining that excitement. "Even when you find your twin flame," the twins say, "you may have moments of repulsion to match the extreme magnetic pull," adding that you can find something fascinating to adore (and explore) in just about everyone you meet.

Venus in Cancer

According to the twins, with Venus in nurturing Cancer, you’re equal parts "caretaker and coquette." When a prospective lover shows interest in you, for example, "you might demure or throw up a tough outer shell," they explain. This is because Cancer is a sensitive but committed sign, so you want to make sure you're protecting yourself before you go all in.

"If you had your preference, you’d mate for life, and many a Venus in Cancer weds early, even to a childhood sweetheart," the twins say, with Roby Antila adding that Venus in Cancer folks love with all their heart, and have a strong need for emotional and financial security.

"Their relationships can certainly be affected by their moodiness, and they also want a comfortable home, and a loving partner and family," Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen. And being the ultimate motherly sign, she adds that Venus in Cancer can also take on a maternal role—even to the point of smothering. And in terms of money, she adds, they're not big risk takers, "which means they can usually amass sizable resources through savings, investments, and homeownership."

Venus in Leo

With Venus in fiery and flamboyant Leo, the twins say this makes for a passionate and expressive soul. Whether it's big and bold shows of affection or the most extravagant date you've ever been on, that's Venus in Leo territory. And speaking of shows, this is a placement that has no problem with PDA, according to the twins—in fact, they might prefer it. They want to love dramatically, and further, receive dramatic shows of love in return.

According to Roby Antila, Venus in Leo folks are generally warm, gregarious, outgoing, affectionate, and have a big presence that puts them at the center of attention. "They love social scene, they love to entertain friends, and they have a dramatic sense of style," she explains, adding, "In a relationship, though, they're very passionate and loyal, very romantic, and attracted to luxury."

That love of luxury, however, can be a bit dangerous when not kept in check. As such, Roby Antila notes that money matters should be approached with caution, and this placement needs to be wary of indulging in retail therapy or overstepping their budget.

Venus in Virgo

Virgo is represented by the Virgin, which is not to say it's a prude sign, but rather, a sign that is incredibly picky. And that's a good first note on Venus in Virgo, because as Roby Antila explains to mindbodygreen, this Venus sign has the highest expectations of them all. Sometimes those expectations are so high that they may even be unrealistic, she adds.

"A lot of Virgo placements are the bachelors and bachelorettes of the zodiac because they are so picky—but with the right person they're very sensual, caring, and supportive," Roby Antila says, adding that this is a placement that has no problem taking control of reigns. To that end, she adds, Venus in Virgo should watch out for enabling or taking care of everything for their partner.

And in terms of what attracts this picky sign, the twins note that a pure heart and noble character are their true turn-ons. "A discerning dater (and sometimes perfectionist), you’d rather have no one than the wrong one—you need a hero who will have your back through life’s ups and downs, and being fussed over is not your thing," they add.

Venus in Libra

Libra is the other sign (along with Taurus) that Venus itself rules, and as a sign, Libra is literally about relating to others and creating harmony. According to Roby Antila, Venus in Libra folks are those people who always seem to have a partner, wielding incredible charm and flirting prowess, because they naturally understand how to co-exist with others. And just like Venus in Taurus, they have a love for luxury and all things beautiful.

"Their strong urge for commitment can also almost lead to a love of love, instead of being in love with the person that they're with," she notes, adding that that's something for this placement to watch out for. "They have to be really careful that they're not just in love with being in love, and go slow before they commit," she explains. (To that end, all that glitters isn't gold ,either, so they should watch out for falling for someone just because they're good looking.)

Generally speaking, though, the twins note that this placement blesses people with extra luck in the love department. "They'll revel in every season of relationships, from the courtship dance to planning the wedding to picking out the perfect warm-weather retirement community for your sunset years," they say.

Venus in Scorpio

Unlike open and flirty Venus in Libra, Venus in Scorpio is the mysterious and brooding romantic who keeps their heart a bit guarded. As Roby Antila explains, these people have incredible emotional depths and sensitivity, and prefer to have an air of mystery about them. "You wouldn't see this depth or mystery until you got to know them quite well though," she notes, adding that they have strong black-or-white emotions, even if you can't see them.

"They're also very protective over the people they love, which can push over into possessiveness or jealousy—so as a result of that, they need to be with someone who's all in or all out," Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen. No games or gray-areas here; For a Venus in Scorpio, they won't tolerate any feeling of insecurity (and that includes with their finances).

The twins add that those with Venus in Scorpio tend to approach their love lives with soul, seduction, and intensity. Again, casual dating is probably not a priority for these folks, as they prefer to "plunge into the depths of intimacy and find out every one of their lover’s secrets," according to the twins—even if they're slow to open up about their own.

Venus in Sagittarius

Slow to commit but quick to flirt and have fun, next we have Venus in Sagittarius, which Roby Antila describes as sociable, friendly, and outgoing. "They have this kind of 'easy-come-easy-go' approach to love and romance—nothing is ever too heavy when it comes to love for them," she tells mindbodygreen, adding that this isn't a placement that's going to sweat the small stuff.

According to her, Venus in Sagittarius may actually shy away from commitment, because they prefer to grow and expand, and might feel weighed down by a relationship. That said, when they find the right person, they want to keep things exciting, adventurous, and generally growth-oriented. And when it comes to money, they tend to approach their finances with that same adventurous (and potentially careless) attitude, so they need to watch out for over-spending.

The twins add that this placement's free spirit can even give them an inclination towards non-monogamy, or on the other hand, incredible devotion to their chosen one. "A relationship must feel like a growth opportunity in order for them to sign on," they say, whether that's building something together, continuing to learn, or traveling around the world.

Venus in Capricorn

If you were to take the attitude of Venus in Gemini or Sagittarius and totally flip it on its head, you'd have Venus in Capricorn. This placement is all business and no play, and that includes in their love lives. "If you were born with Venus in sensible Capricorn, you play the long game in love," the twins say, adding that for these people, relationships are a serious investment.

This is a Venus sign that wants a partner they can build something stable and fruitful with, and even better if it's something that will up their status in society or make money. "As such," according to the twins, "their vetting process is strict and thorough."

Roby Antila echoes this idea, telling mindbodygreen that Venus in Capricorn folks tend to be extremely cautious with their heart, with high walls that take a bit of convincing to come down, and they may be attracted to people for reasons related to status more so than romance. "These people want either someone who is an equal to them—as far as finances or status—or someone higher. They want to prove their success and like having a partner who also looks good on their arm," she adds.

Venus in Aquarius

Aquarius is considered a quirky and unconventional sign, and those with Venus in Aquarius tend to approach their love lives accordingly. As Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen, they can be super aloof and even distant, despite having a general interest in people. "They have a lot of friends—but not a lot of people they're extremely close with— so their ideal partner would be like their best friend. That's always super important with any Aquarian placement," she explains.

And unlike Venus in Taurus or Scorpio, this isn't a placement that wants possessiveness or jealousy. In fact, those will be big turns off for them, as they value their freedom and independence (hence why they can be so aloof). "They want to have some freedom to explore their own interests and hang out with their friends," Roby Antila adds. And speaking of freedom, when it comes to money, this is a placement that can save up for a long time, only to blow it on a big expense.

According to the twins, the main thing to understand about Venus in Aquarius is that if there are any rules, they don't apply here. "In fact, shock value can be an aphrodisiac," they say, noting that this placement may purposely scout out partners who are a bit different from the mainstream. "The person who can hold a fascinating conversation and inspire you to think outside the box could be the one who lures you into a permanent domestic partnership," they add.

Venus in Pisces

Last but never least, we have Venus in Pisces, which is one of the most romantic and whimsical Venus placements of them all. According to the twins, those born with Venus in fantasy-fueled Pisces see the poetry and romance in everything, and they want to be swooned with roses, picnics, candlelit dinners—the works. And for what it's worth, they're also masters of seduction—and empathy—making them quite alluring to others, the twins note.

This is ultimately a cozy spot for Venus to to land, with the planet finding exaltation in Pisces, according to Roby Antila. "Much like Venus in Libra, Venus in Pisces loves to be in a relationship and can feel very lonely without a partner. They want and need love and affection from other people, and they're very caring and compassionate," she tells mindbodygreen. And similar to Venus in Libra, this is another placement that needs to watch out for a love of love more than actually loving a person, and general codependence.

Their tendency towards impracticality can also apply to their finances, with Roby Antila explaining that it would serve these people well to have a plan or budget in place to avoid frivolous spending or losing track of expenses. "They can also be overly generous, so people can kind of take advantage of them—even financially—so they need to create boundaries around giving," she adds.


What are Venus signs?

Venus signs describe which zodiac sign Venus was in when someone was born. Depending on the sign it's in (i.e. Venus in Taurus or Venus in Leo), people will have different approaches to Venusian themes like love and relationships.

What zodiac sign does Venus rule?

Venus rules the signs of Taurus and Libra in astrology.

Which Venus sign is clingy?

The Venus signs most likely to exhibit behavior that could be taken as clingy include Scorpio and Taurus (because they can be possessive and jealous) and Pisces and Libra (because they love being in love and being in relationships).

The takeaway

From how you approach love, to relationships, to your own money, Venus is the planet to clue you in to how you operate. Understanding your Venus sign—and the aspects it forms to other planets in your chart—can reveal a lot about how you love, and what makes you feel loved in return.

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Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, a registered yoga instructor, and an avid astrologer and tarot reader. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from State University of New York at Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.