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4 Secrets To Sustainable Weight Loss That Diets Don't Give You

Sloane Davis
Sloane Davis
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It’s impossible for even the most successful people to be motivated all the time. After all, we're only human. Everyone needs a little push now and then—even me! (And I do this for a living.) But some days, I feel revved up and ready to eat healthy and work hard at the gym; others, I just want to stay in bed all day. Most days, I get up and put in the work because I know it yields results. The results pay dividends in keeping me motivated. But when that isn't quite doing it for you, here are four powerful ways to amp up your motivation to lose weight and get even healthier:

1. Sneak exercise into your day rather than trying to carve out extra time for it.

Most of us are already strapped for time. Trying to fit in one more thing feels like agreeing to captain a sinking ship. Instead, make swaps that necessitate exercise for you to get the things done that you have to get done. Ride a bike to work. Walk to the organic grocery store that's a few blocks farther away. Avoid office small talk by taking the stairs. Total win-win, right?

2. Give yourself goals you know you can achieve.

I've been exercising for years. That doesn't mean I think I can wing it. I still always make sure I have a plan and set goals that I need to meet. If you give yourself achievable goals, and you meet them, you begin to associate feelings of accomplishment and success with working out. Whether it's 10 minutes of cardio a day, 100 squats, or five sun salutations, set yourself goals you know you can meet, and just see how you feel.

3. Rethink your relationship with food.

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People think of the word "diet" and break out in a cold sweat. But eating healthy doesn't need to be complicated or painful. It starts with becoming educated about what your body needs to function at its optimal level and experiencing the benefits that come along with that.

See, there are no "good" and "bad" foods. There are healthy foods you should incorporate on a daily basis, but if you feel restricted by your diet, it'll work against you. When you give yourself permission to eat whatever your body wants and needs, you remove the temptation to binge or make unhealthy choices. Making certain things forbidden only makes them more appealing. If you create a sustainable healthy eating plan, you'll reveal the body you've always wanted before you know it.

You do not need to cut carbs in order to lose weight. Fat does not make you fat. "Natural" doesn’t necessarily mean "healthy." This is having a healthy relationship with food. To be able to eat AND lose weight. The more educated you become, the more you can hold on to a plan that works. The more results you see, the better you will feel to keep going and stay motivated.

4. Involve yourself in a support group.

Your motivation will jump-start if you are able to connect with other people going through the same process. You will feel good about your progress, know you are not alone, have hundreds of others who are following the same journey as yours and are there for support. You will also get great tips and ideas that will help with your plan. One of the many benefits of an effective plan is a private online community with hundreds of others following the same path. Studies show that working with others, having a partner, and knowing you are not alone in your journey is a very important role in success.

Weight loss, constantly being motivated, and taking charge of your health can be a daunting experience. But there is no reason it can’t be done. Just because something isn’t easy doesn’t mean you cannot do it. Follow these tips to help you stay motivated and ultimately reach your goals.

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Sloane Davis

Sloane Davis is a Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, helping hundreds globally get into top shape. Sloane has a B.A. from Syracuse University and is accredited through ISSA with her degree in Nutrition and Personal Training. Sloane developed Pancakes and Push-ups to teach others to have a healthy relationship with food. For our high acclaimed Kickstarter Plan click here. Sign up for our training programs and visit her website for new articles.