The 3 Best Moves To Relieve Bloat Digestive Issues

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As the holidays approach and we spend more time traveling and eating sugary foods, our digestive tracts can get thrown out whack. There are ways we can change our diet to keep things in check, but with travel plans and sweets being unavoidable for many, exercise could be the next best option. We consulted our mbg fitness experts on their go-to moves to help alleviate digestive issues.

Restorative yoga poses

"Restorative or yin yoga is always wonderful to soften the nervous system, which in turn can calm the digestive system. Pranayama (breathwork) practices like sama vritti (same breath) is another affective way to settle down the mind and body simultaneously." —Sasha Nelson, yoga instructor, wellness lifestyle coach, and sustainability enthusiast.

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Seated twists

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"Twisting is key to keep a healthy digestive track, and it's something that everyone can safely do almost anywhere. Seated twists, or twisting from a chair pose, can help rinse out your inner organs, get your bowels moving, and bring in fresh blood flow to your system, while benefiting your spinal column and posture." —Sara Quiriconi, certified yoga instructor and health coach and author of Living Cancer-Free: A Warrior's Fall and Rise Through Food, Addiction & Cancer

Child's pose

"That whole mindset of exercising hard to make up for whatever you ate or drank at last night's holiday party doesn't work for me. If I'm bloated or feeling off my game because I indulged in Christmas cookies and another glass of wine, I don't try to undo it the next day with a crazy sweat fest. If anything, I slow down and take it easy. Poses like child's pose, where I can let my belly go and be soft, feel good. Same with a gentle bridge pose or an upright seated twist hugging one leg in toward the chest." —Kait Hurley, founder of

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While alleviating digestive issues often takes a multifaceted approach that could include adding digestive-friendly foods to your diet, reducing stress, and eating mindfully at meals, these simple exercises are a great place to start.

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