How To Do Pushups With Double Knee Touch For A Full-Body Challenge In Minutes

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Krista Stryker Push Ups
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It's finally 2021, and if you're looking to kick off the new year with a strong start, there's a chance you might be looking for simple, full-body moves to incorporate into your workouts. We're big on exercises that are fast and effective here at mbg, and one great standby (that requires no equipment) is a pushup with double knee touches. Here's how to do this efficient move, as demonstrated by certified personal trainer and author of The 12-Minute Athlete Krista Stryker.

How to do pushup with double knee touch:

  1. Get into a full pushup position with your shoulders directly over your hands.
  2. Push up through your shoulders, pull your core tight, and squeeze your glutes.
  3. Lower your chest toward the ground into a full pushup.
  4. Push back up, then bring one knee toward your elbow on one side.
  5. Return to the top pushup position, and repeat with the opposite elbow and knee. That's one rep. Complete four reps. (Or as many as you can do!)

Tips and modifications:

  • At the top of your pushup, as you bring knee to elbow, dome the upper thoracic spine and contract your core, as you would in yoga's cat pose.
  • Rather than dropping to your knees to modify this exercise, you could also place your hands on an elevated surface (such as a countertop or bench). The lower the surface, the harder the exercise will be.

What are the benefits?

One of the biggest highlights of this move is how it works so many areas of your body: You get your arms and shoulders working, you're engaging your core, and if you do the exercise with proper form, the backs of your legs and glutes are getting some work in, too. Not to mention, this is a low-impact exercise and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Bodyweight exercises like pushups with double knee touch are a great, accessible option for anyone since they require no equipment. Plus, this pose is pretty straightforward, making it a great choice for novice gym-goers and fitness buffs alike.

Sprinkle this move into your next workout, or you give it a go today to get your 2021 blood pumping.

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