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10 Yoga Sequences For Every Mood

Gabrielle Frank
January 31, 2016
Gabrielle Frank
mbg Fitness Contributor
By Gabrielle Frank
mbg Fitness Contributor
Gabrielle Frank is a freelance health and fitness writer living in New York City.
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January 31, 2016

Finding the perfect workout for your mood can be challenging with all of the options out there. We're making it simple for you: scroll through the list below, pinpoint how you're currently feeling, and find a yoga sequence tailored to your vibe this very second. Then, grab your mat and get to it!

You want to chill but need to do something active.

Let Tara Stiles help you de-stress and unwind. It’s just a 10-minute sequence, and you’ll feel so much better afterward. Start this sequence now..

You're stuck at work but want to do yoga.

Lauren Imparato will show you four easy yoga poses you can do at your desk — without annoying anyone sitting next to you. Start this desk yoga session now.

It's been a long day and your back hurts.

Take 30 seconds to run through this seriously quick yoga sequence from Cat Van Haayen. Watch this quick video to get started..

You're crazy busy but have 15 minutes for yoga.

Kim Sun takes you through a 10-pose sequence that will bring all of the benefits of a strong, challenging yoga class in a fraction of the time. Start this sequence now.

You need a physical challenge.

These variations on standard poses will help you strengthen your practice and empower your yoga routine. Start challenging yourself with this sequence now.

It's the weekend and you want to do yoga in bed.

No problem! Try these five poses from Kathryn Budig. She recommends them to help you unwind and prepare for sleep. Start relaxing with these yoga poses.

You feel sore and need a good stretch.

These shoulder and chest openers will keep your shoulders lubricated and strengthen and tone your arms. Start stretching now.

Life is crazy — and it's making you stressed and anxious.

Step one: Breathe. Step two: Grab your yoga mat and use these restorative yoga poses to soothe your nerves. Use this sequence to get your zen on right now.

You feel strong and want to sweat.

These challenging poses will get you in top shape and also help to stretch areas that are prone to injury, so you can use it as a warm up if you want! Get your sweat on with this sequence now.

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Gabrielle Frank
mbg Fitness Contributor

Gabrielle Frank is a freelance health and fitness writer living in New York City. She's written for publications like MORE Magazine, Cosmopolitan,, and Women's Health.