Handstand: How-to, Tips, Benefits

How-to: From standing, shift your weight to one foot, bring your palms to the ground, and lift your other leg up behind you. Straighten your arms. Open your hip, lift your leg higher, and lean your shoulders forward of your wrists. Slowly lift your grounded leg up, bringing your legs into a wide scissor position, then gradually draw your legs together straight up. Press your ankles and knees gently together.

Tips: There is no need to jump into this pose. Your grounded foot will lift easily when your weight is more forward of your wrists than behind them. Use your inhales to rock your weight forward, pull your bully in and hips up, and lift onto the ends of your standing toes until they lift themselves up. Once you’re up, keep your balance by picking a point on the ground and keeping your eyes focused there.

Benefits: Builds strength in your arms and abdomen, opens the hips. Builds balance and concentration. Good for circulation.

Yoga for Beginners: How to Do a Handstand with Michael Taylor from mindbodygreen on Vimeo.

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